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Teaching Philosophy Statement
I am not yet a teacher but have had a strong desire to be one ever since I was a child. I recall playing with my sisters and I loved playing the role as a teacher. I grew up in a bilingual environment. As a child I knew how to speak and read Spanish but, I was lacking grammar skills. I wanted to know my home language fluently in all aspects. Therefore, I want to facilitate my future students to be able to learn a second language. My drive is to pursue a higher education to my students that way they could become successful life. I am going to act like a guide to them and promoting respect to all my students. It is my life aspiration to be an excellent high school teacher who motivates students to achieve the highest level of education. Not only I am pushing myself but also, I want to be a teacher to push my students to excellence. Perseverance is my motto, and I want to pass that on to my students. I want them to see my example: I’ve worked hard and never once gave up on what I wanted to become –their teacher. I believe that my role as a teacher is to give my students the tools necessary to be successful. In order to accomplish this goal, I will find ways to teach each student based on their needs that way all my students will feel capable and successful. Another way that I would help my students is by incorporate themes, projects, group work, to make my students active learners. I want to inspire Spanish and English speakers to ascertain their needs in the Spanish language. I want to improve the student’s lives, so one day they can also pursue my path and hopefully I will inspire their path.
The specific courses subjects and courses that I am prepared to teach is any level of Spanish. I am capable of teaching Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, and AP Spanish. I am going to make sure that my students learn history, grammar,…...

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