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Effective Team Communication
Lawrence Stephens
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February 10, 2013
Dr. Chris Mendoza

Abstract Effective team communication is a requirement for the daily and individual success’s of any organization. Team’s communication, just as all other communication will affect the outcome of a given set of events. Team communication consists of three types of communication, verbal, non-verbal and visual.

Importance Communication is an important part of an effective team because it provides the bond between the team members and allows all members to know exactly what is going on and to also convey who is doing what to get the job done. Communication is the exchange of information between one individual to another. However, effective communication occurs only if the receiver accurately understands the information from the sender. Therefore, when it comes to team communication, it is important to have open and honest communication in order for the team to be successful Illustration The video illustrated the three most common forms of face to face communication used in a restaurant or any other business; they are; verbal, non-verbal, and visual. Of this there are 3 key components of communication. They are eye contact (55%), tone of voice (38%) and choice of words used (7%). There three areas combined allow one person to deliver the completed message to their intended recipient. The illustration referenced in the video was a restaurant where orders might be confused and…...

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