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Natural Resources and Energy Team Paper
Team B
Pedro Aguilar, Tammi Gallemore-Mcnair, Lenique Cross, Larissa Mecado and
Dominque Johnson
People, Science and Environment SCI/256
Professor Barbara Burns Plourde

Learning Team B
Fossil Fuels and Alternative Energy I. Human Positive and Negative Impact (Tammi) 1. Reaching depletion (negative) 2. Purchasing fresh vegetables and fruit (positive) II. Water Manage and Usage (Tammi) 1. Population growth 2. Increased living standards III. Water problems (Dominique) 1. Water pollution 2. Fresh water shortage IV. - Human practices that impact the environment (Lenique) 1. Negative impact carelessness 2. Positive impact- alternative sources for energy V. Management practices that do and do not work (Lenique) 1. Using electronic files (do work) 2. Recycling VI. Eliminating human impact to the environment 1. Waste minimization 2. Sustainability VII. What is being done? (Larissa) 1. Success 2. Failure

VIII. Future solutions to impact the environment (Pedro) 1. Cutting carbon pollution 2. Improving fuel economy standards

There are no secrets about our climate change and the environmental challenges we are facing these days. Our leaders and scientist are doing much work to figure out how we could manage and control these changes. Our leaders are supporting and providing funds to programs and projects that are working towards protecting and providing us a cleaner environment. Our fossil fuels and alternative energy sources are in constant use to sustain the world’s population. With an increasing volume of humankind, natural resources will more than likely reach depletion. Fresh water shortage, as well as water and air pollution, is becoming prevalent in today’s time. Natural Resources are all that exists without…...

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