Technology and Management Functions

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Technology and Management Functions
When describing how technology and management function within my personal work environment. I had to review the past and present management alongside the mass media and how it would pertain to this paper; Giant RV has neglected to update their technology to increase their ability to overcome past setbacks. Technology, mass media, and outstanding management have never been a large importance in the recreational vehicle industry. This industry has been behind in technology for many years, it has become increasingly harder to improve standards to public when management will not spend the extra cost to explore new avenues. It would be to the companies benefit to explore the Internet, radio, newspapers, television, and to other industries to increase knowledge on how other companies venture out to expand their profit through mass media. If management within the recreational vehicle industry would implement new standards to improve how the recreational vehicle industry does business this might increase revenue throughout the United States and within Giant RV. By doing this it could change many of the standards already in place throughout the United States and how other recreational vehicle dealerships do business. Mass Media
With many ways to explore how management can overcome this setback they could look at how the mass media has implemented suggestions within the population so that many will follow the media’s recommendation on trends and political thoughts. These thoughts and suggestions usually implemented throughout the Internet, Radio, and Television through intercommunication. As the national population looks to the media to provide the latest in trends and current events so do business to crate profit for the next fiscal year. For example, the nation’s populations were provided with information through the media that…...

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