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Who Is To Blame?

Running Header: Teen Pregnancy and Who Is To Blame?

Teen Pregnancy and Who Is To Blame? Is




This paper is going to explore of our country’s largest, uncontrolled, expanding epidemic that we face today and that is teen age pregnancy. While this paper is going to explore the statistics of teen age pregnancy it is also going to explore why this epidemic has a possible psychological trigger. Dr. Erik Erickson discusses in his theory if “identity crisis” that an individual must go through eight stages in life successful in order to understand their true identity. While all of the eight stages are important only five will be discussed for this paper. While many of us may believe that there is no reason for a teenager to get pregnant because they should just know better, Dr. Erickson’s theory gives a deep perspective into the psychological effects that can affect a child at different stages of life. This paper is also going to explore what other sources maybe responsible for the teenage pregnancy crisis being so far out of hand.

Teen Pregnancy and Who Is To Blame?

Statistics show that every year over 750,000 teenage girls will get pregnant. (Services, 2005) More than 2/3 of the teenage girls that get pregnant will not graduate for high school and unmarried pregnant teens account for 24% of the unwed mothers in our country today (Services, 2005) While I don’t think many of us will argue that with statistics like this, we have to figure out why this epidemic is so far out of control. To do this we have to be able to look at it from a psychological approach like Dr. Erik Erickson did in his book that he wrote about “Identity Crisis”.

The chapter in his book titled, “The Eight Stages of…...

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