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Gastronomy and the World’s Culture
A Recipe for Success or Disaster?

Aims and Objectives

Numerous divisions exist within a single culture based solely upon differences in preparation, ingredients, methods of eating, traditions, and so on. Numerous objectives will be addressed: globalization and emigration’s effect on cultural food and drink; tourism’s spread of cultural gastronomic competitiveness and misunderstandings; international messaging in cultural gastronomy; the media’s effect on cultural traditions; marketing and thematic cultural cuisine portrayal to the public; the demographic impact on specific cultural cohesion and continuance in gastronomic areas; aesthetic effects and interpretation as gastronomically pertinent; the physiology, emotional, social, and psychological responses triggered by cultural cuisine and the contrary effects when altered or deliberately changed; and the economics of cultural cuisine’s purity or forced changes. The purpose of this study will be to identify, explore, compare, and educate the reader concerning major world cultures over the centuries, particularly as it applies to gastronomy and cultural division in the world today.


Gastronomy is the scientific categorization for the process of eating – searching, procurement, and preparation of food – with a focus on preserving mankind’s existence. It is gastronomy which motivates vine dressers, hunters, hybrid cultivators, and cooks/chefs in preparing food for human consumption. As alimentary substances, then, food is quantifiable within various scientific and socioeconomic strata and is applicable to physics for properties, chemistry for composition, commerce for global marketplace competitiveness, cookery for palatable and proper preparation to sustain life, cultural for identity and adhesion, and political for taxation and international exchange power.…...

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