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Christian Meulemans EVAN 101-B04 LUO
8-28-2012 Testimony Paper

Part ONE – My life before I came to Christ.
My life before Christ was quiet simple; I was consumed with myself, only carried about myself and what I wanted to do with my life in whatever way I saw fit. I had no time for God or His word.
Part TWO – How I came to a cognitive knowledge of Who Jesus is and what He did for me.
Throughout my life I had heard off and on the gospel of Christ Jesus but never really took it to heart, sure I wanted to be saved from hell but that was it. The true understand did not occur until I started to read the bible on my own around late May of 2005. This is why I believe faith was truly triggered in my mind and heart which lead me to an understand of my wickedness before God Almighty.
Part THREE – Circumstances surrounding your conversion.
It was about an eighth month process which began around Oct 2004 leading to June 17th of 2005 of the Lord God dealing with me daily, especially with His Holy Spirit. I had a few dreams that really shook me up and lead me to daily engage with my thoughts concerning if I was truly a Christian as I had always thought I was. Almost every day my mind was bombarded with thoughts like, “If you are really a Christian then why do you not, pray? Why don’t you ever read the bible? Why have I been experiencing these dreams and in the dreams? If I am really a Christian then why don’t I live like one?” After wrestling with these questions for such a long time I decided to start reading the bible and at first when I would read the bible I could not understand it which lead me to getting angry and asking that if I am going to read and understand the bible then He is going to have to teach it to me. After the fourth day of doing this and the bible still not making sense I had another dream, this one was really bad and upon waking up I told the Lord…...

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