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Dear Journal, I have been fighting this war since January 30th, 1968. There was supposed to be a cease fire in place, but the Viet Cong attacked the attacked the forces of the Republic of Vietnam and us, Their U.S. ally. I heard on the radio that there was supposed to be a two-day cease fire to honor the Tet Lunar New Year, but they tricked everyone by attacking in the early morning on January 30th. We were blindsided by the power of 80,000 communist troops that were well coordinated and able to attack over 100 towns and cities from what I hear. This is the most action we have seen up to this point. We have done our best to try and beat back and contain this wave of Communist forces. I can’t believe I survived the month long Battle of Hue, with all the destruction our side did to the city. The inhumanity of the Viet Cong was unlike anything I could ever imagine witnessing. They executed thousands of residents in Hue; some of the guys are referring to it as the “Massacre at Hue”. I was weary of our commitment to this war before, but somebody has to stop them. I fought them for another two months when they transferred me to the combat base at Khe Sanh. We fought them back and were victorious after in spite of all their persistence. We may have won this battle, but we had many casualties and underestimated the abilities of the Communist to be able to stage such a large scale attack due to all the defeats we have handed them in the past. We were able to kill over 8,000 Viet Cong forces over those two months, but not without our own loss. Over 700 of my Brothers in uniform paid the ultimate sacrifice. The numbers are still coming in for those who were

3 wounded and will be honored with Purple Hearts, but It may be as many as 2,600. Will this war ever end? That was all a few months ago, I just got transferred to a logistical base in Dong Ha. Hopefully it…...

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