The Arabian Horses Grace to Other Breeds

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The Arabian Horses Grace to Other Breeds

By: Khaled HAMADMAD Damascus, Syria


Do the Arabian Horses have preferences over the rest of the other breeds?

Arabian Horses were an essential part of producing and breeding the most famous horses in the present day.


1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Origin of the Arabian Horses
3.1. In Science of History 3.2. In myths and theories 3.3. Arabian Horses in Arabian Peninsula

4. Arabian Horses Characteristics 5. Arabian Horses lineage 6. Influence on other horse breeds 7. Arabian Horses spreading out
7.1. Spread to Europe 7.2. Spread to North America

8. Thoroughbred 9. The Arabian Horses today 10. Famous Arabian Horses


1. Abstract
And God took a handful of South wind and from it formed a horse, saying: "I create thee, Oh Arabian. To thy forelock, I bind Victory in battle. On thy back, I set a rich spoil And a Treasure in thy loins. I establish thee as one of the Glories of the Earth... I give thee flight without wings." From Ancient Bedouin Legend

The image of a great black Arabian stallion, floating along the beach, nose to the wind, tail flagging, caught the attention of audiences with the release of The Black Stallion. The star of this film, Cass Ole, a purebred black Arabian stallion, brought the charisma of the Arabian horse to people worldwide with his flowing mane and proud head. Arabians have existed for centuries to insure that generations to come can enjoy a glimpse of great horses like Cass Ole. The oldest breed of horse, Arabians is the only true purebred in the equine world. They have played a significant role in the history of man and horse, and will continue to provide enjoyment and companionship for years to come through the work of national and global organizations dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the…...

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