The Business Project Assignment Handbook

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The Business Project Assignment Handbook

A. The Proposal
Submission : Tuesday 8th January 2013

B. The Project
Submission : Tuesday 30th April 2013

The Business Project has 2 elements of assessment which together make up the overall grade for the module. The first is the Proposal which is the preparatory stage for your project, the second is the project itself. Both elements are important and work for the proposal needs to start from day 1 of the module.
Topic Choice :
You have a great deal of freedom in your choice of topic. The only parameters are that your topic should relate to the financial world. It can be about accounting, money, finance, banking, regulation, markets – almost anything provided it has a business focus and some link to accounting and finance on a broad scale. Whilst primary research is possible (eg interviews, surveys) it is likely that the majority of the research you carry out will be from secondary resources such as published literature, reports, journals, databases – you will need to be realistic about what is possible in the timescale and also in the level of access to primary sources you may (or may not) have from your own personal contacts and networks. You will need to read broadly around recent issues in the financial world and link this to the other modules you are studying to identify an issue of interest. You will need to find links to academic research and carry out a critical evaluation of potential sources, then discuss this with your Business project tutors and your fellow students to develop you idea into a reasonable proposition for the full project . Your seminars will help you with this process and give opportunities to discuss your progress.
An example:
Maya read in the newspaper that the number of people saving in personal pensions has fallen even though she had also read that…...

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