The Chase Strategy Defined Companies Utilizing the Chase Strategy

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Learning Team “A” Reflection Week 3
October 12, 2015

Learning Team “A” Reflection Week 3
This week’s discussion of chase strategy matched well with discussions last week related to fast food and Wendy’s in particular. Team A explores chase strategy how Wendy’s, our company of choice from last week’s assignment met these requirements. The Chase Strategy Defined/ Companies Utilizing the Chase Strategy The Chase Strategy is a part of the production planning strategy. It involves trade-offs with workforce size, work hours, inventory and back logs. According to Jacobs and Chase (2011), match the production rate to the order rate by hiring and laying off employees as the order rate varies. The success of this strategy depends on having a pool of easily trained applicants to draw on as order volumes increase.
The caveat to this strategy is that employees may feel unmotivated to produce at a higher rate if there’s not much work. This lack of motivation is due to a decrease in the workload and employees may try to stretch the time it takes to process an order or task out of fear of being terminated. This may happen in companies that use a made-to-order approach and may have highs and lows in their production process.
Companies that may use the Chase strategy is an automotive company such as Ford Motor Company and temporary agencies that place applicants to a specific job need for a certain period of time. The process is due to aggregate planning. According to Aggregate Planning (2015), in aggregate planning you develop, analyze, and maintain a preliminary schedule of overall operations of the organization. The aggregate plan generally contains targeted sales forecasts, production levels, inventory levels, and customer backlogs. Challenges
Chase strategy focuses on demand production and…...

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