The Cheesecake Factory Expansion in China

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Table of Contents


Page Number


Executive Summary



The Company Profile



Restaurants Industry Sales and



Global Outlook & Analyzing Regions



Regions' GDP% (Annual Growth)



Global Consumer Demand



Global Competitiveness



Target Country : China (Shanghai)


A‐ Economic Growth (GDP%)


B‐ Disposable Income


C‐ Consumer Behavior


D‐ Technology



Risk Factors







Appendices :


Appendix 1 : SWOT Analysis for
Chinese Market


Appendix 2 : PESTLE Analysis


Appendix 3 : Useful Charts and



1‐ Executive Summary
In response to the good world economic growth, the global restaurant industry is increasing in a striking way. In order to preserve higher sales and revenues, companies must seek new strategies to attain success. One of those good strategies is to expand in countries that possess healthy economic situation. The Cheesecake Factory already has well‐recognized footsteps in America and Middle East, but still needs to adjust with the high competition in these regions to get distinguished. Therefore, one of the regions that the Cheesecake Factory has no presence in it is
China, the country with the highest population in the world. By entering the Chinese market, the restaurant would be able to target the upper middle class…...

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