The Cirrus Building Sensitivity Analysis

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• “class A” building
• was built in 2006
• Location: the Mokotow district in Warsaw, adjacent to Galeria Mokotow .

• 14,007 sqm gross lease area (GLA) including 13,049 sqm of office
• space, 958 sqm of retail area, and 192 sqm of storage.
• Parking space with a ratio of 1/45.
• Highly accessible: 6 bus and 3 tram lines; 500 meters to train station and
5 minute drive to metro stations.

The Cirrus building typical floor plan

The Cirrus building excusive interior

The current tenants

Sensitivity analysis of the financial implication
Proposed purchase price: 32.1355 Million Euro (June 30 2014)
Payments vs. time

total payment




Remaining principal vs. time

Remaining principal

Sensitivity analysis of the financial implication
Property future price at 2021 vs. YTM



Property price



30,000,000 property future price





Sensitivity analysis of the financial implication










YTM [%]


Sensitivity analysis of the financial implication
Property future revenue at 2021 vs. YTM



Property price









The value of capital+ loan at the point of selling will be 33,102,460$ at 2021.
In the worst case scenario of yield 9.0% the revenue will be 15,097,433$
In the best case scenario of yield 6.5% the revenue will be 1,708,574$

Suggested strategy
 The Cirrus building…...

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