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Business Intelligence is becoming more constituent within an organizational structure; however, creating a successful strategy demands data volumes and a exponentially grow in an organization. As an organization demands increase so does the strategy to meet long-term and short-term visions and needs because they are an organizations foundation.
Business intelligence is a formal structure that is staffed through internals from the IT and leaders. It helps define an organizations tasks, responsibilities, roles, and procedures. It helps promote an effective business by processing and supporting the organizations strategy. In this paper, I will discuss the Resort and Clinic case. The paper will discuss what was learned from the both cases. I will provide the appropriate citing that will present the reason or reasons as to why I drew my conclusion. In addition, my citing will establish counterarguments that will support my conclusion.
Lessons Learned In reference to the Clinic and Resort cases they both had disconnected systems within their organizations; however both organizations can increase their costs of operation by implementing an innovative and a highly recognized business data system. Although popular and highly recognized business data systems are not considered to be the best solutions for businesses by their leadership, they are possible solutions. The inefficiency of services and the lack of continuity in business process were because of the disconnected systems, which made it more costly for both organizations because both, the clinic and the resort were losing customers/ guests and their prestige.
Citing Appropriate Sources In the resort case, the disconnected system that was implemented lead the resort to less optimal services in the planning and enjoyment of their guest’s vacations. In the case of the Marshfield clinic, the…...

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