The Effective Approach of Time Managment During Construction Stage

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This is a study of the effective approach of Time Management during the construction stage.



Based on CIDB statistic report, there are a total number of 6655 awarded projects in Malaysia last year of 2011. Construction projects are generally considered as a transient disturbance, where the construction works happen rather a short period of time. But, from another point of view, construction project is a long-lasting feature of economy. So, in order to make a construction project to be positively presence, the time management techniques are ought to be investigated.

Of course, there is not all time management techniques are productively to every stage of construction project. It can be involved of knowledge of planning a timely procurement method to be use during pre-construction stage, controlling the schedule to maintain ahead of work progress during construction stage or analysis the project status in the post construction stage. It is depends on the person who organize the time management methods, and it is only resulted as success when the project is completed within an approved timeframe.

During construction stage, a successful time management is explicitly a factor of the execution of job (Barling et al., 1996; Macan, 1994). It is a skill that can be learned which involves techniques for prioritizing activities and using time effectively while eliminating disruptions and time wasters. There can be many

effective way to achieve construction project completion date in time. It can be the

2 knowledge of handling a construction project process, experience skill workers productivity on site and even good scheduling technique.

Consequently, it is an intriguing study to find out the effectiveness approach of Time management in the construction stage of a project.



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