The Effects of Fast Food on the Human Body

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The effects of Fast Food on the Human Body
Shannon Harvey
DeVry University

The Effects of Fast Food on the Human Body A mother driving home late from work is thinking about what to make for dinner that can be easily prepared. She sees a couple signs for fast food along the side of the road. She does not think twice and pulls into the dive through to pick up dinner for the night. This happens all over the world without a thought as to what is put into our bodies and what the consequences will be later in life. The problem with this is that more people are becoming obese and having other major health problems which are shortening their lives. The easiest way to stop this cycle is to be educated on the right types of food for the body and to learn to prepare meals at home. A good example of what can happen to the body come from the experiment ran by Morgan Spurlock and his team of doctors. What Morgan wanted to do was bring awareness to the growing problem of obesity in America. Most people have heard of the movie “Super-Size Me” and wonder why a person would want to knowingly do something harmful to their bodies and their families’ bodies. Over a thirty day time frame Morgan ate nothing but McDonalds three times a day and he only supersized it if the staff asked. Even though he though he knew what would happen to his body he was very surprised at the results and health problems than were a result from just a few weeks on a diet like this. The results were nothing short of astounding. Morgan gained 24.5 lbs. up from 185.5, his liver turned into fat, and his cholesterol shot up 65 points. He gained 7% body fat, and nearly doubled the risk for coronary heart disease. At day twenty one he was having chest pains that the doctors could not explain. He often was left feeling depressed and tired, had frequent mood swings, and his sex-life had completely gone away.…...

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