The Journey of a Life Time

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September 30, 2014

To Whom It May Concern;

Tala Vanblarcom is an extremely dedicated and exceptional young woman. It is with honor that I recommend this spectacular young lady for admission to your university.

I first met Tala during her freshman year of high school in my level nine Language Arts class. She was a new student at Westminster High School and immediately became an inspiration to her fellow classmates with her dedication to her studies. She excelled in writing and although she was a few weeks behind in the class, she caught up to the rest of the class by working hard, spending her free periods in my room or the library, and reading or writing at home in the evenings. This alone demonstrates that Tala is an exceptional candidate for acceptance to your university.

On top of Tala’s incredible work ethic she is also involved in various performing arts activities. She is involved in the Center Stage Theater Company and the Westminster High School marching band. Last year she performed in the spring musical High School Musical and this year she is performing in Avenue Q. Tala is able to participate and dedicate her time to these events, which are incredibly time consuming while still maintaining a 3.51 grade point average.

Tala is an excellent candidate for admission to your university. She is involved in the arts and is a fabulous student. She will enhance the culture of your university with her kindred spirit and insatiable appetite for knowledge. If you have any questions about Michelle; please email me at or call me at 303.487.2526.


Mark Messmer
Language Arts Teacher
Westminster High…...

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