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Tetsuya kuroku light blue
Akashi seijuuruo red
Aomine daiki dark blue
Midorima shintaro green
Kise ryota yellow
Taiga kagami dark red
Satsuki momoi pink
Riko aida brown coach (Aida Kagetora) father
Murasakibara Atsushi violet
Junpei hyuga=captain
Izuki shun
Mitobe rinnosuke hanamiya koganei Shingji
(Kiyoshi Teppei) (Himuro Tatsuya) (Harasawa Katsunori) (Izuki Shun) (Furihata) (Kasamatsu Yukio) (Haizaki) (Shirogane Kouzou) (214) (Ogiwara Shigehiro) Sesama: Download Kuroko No Basuke Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia

Kyouwa totemo sabishii desu or kyou wa totemo kanashii desu! sabishii is lonely and kanashii is sad,

do itashimashite!! shusshin wa doko desu ka? =i said, ur welcome! and the other one is "where are you from?

watashi mo firipin kara kimashita..
= i said, i'm also from philippines.

ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, kyuu, juu. 20 is nijuu and 30 is sanjuu.

ki wo tsukete kudasai!!
=please take care

mata ne!-
=casual way of goodbye, just like "see you" "til next time" it's just like that!..haha!

Youkoso means

kerei no kawa= I believe she meant: beautiful and cute, to the image

yoroshiko ne= Perhaps "Nice to meet you"

"Happy Birthday" = Otanjoubi Omedetou or you could also say Tanjoubi Omedetou

Japan National Anthem is Kimigayo======
"Kimi Ga Yo" - Japan National Anthem Japanese & English lyrics
"Kimigayo" (君が代?) is Japan's national anthem. It is also one of the world's shortest national anthems in current use, with a length of…...

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Anime fact difficult to tease the two apart from each other, since it is impossible to participate in anime fan culture, except at the very shallowest level, and not be exposed to other forms of Japanese popular culture and traditional Japanese culture, and thereby be encouraged to explore them further. Anime and its relationship to interest in Japan are useful to consider in the context of teaching and learning about Japan. At the very least, one would think that a medium as easy 1 According to Lawrence Eng, an expert on otaku and otaku culture both in the US and in Japan, an otaku is a “die- hard fan/enthusiast/expert of something (not just anime, but anything)”. The term is most frequently used to refer to people interested in anime and anime-related media such as video games and manga, because they are the community responsible for coining the term when referring to themselves. “The Politics of Otaku” by Lawrence...

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...What is anime? According to “a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, Violence and, sexuality.” According to anime otaku (obsessed of anime) “essential for life on this planet. A type of art that isn’t stationary, an art that doesn’t bore you to death. Without it I would have died of boredom.” Anime is short for Animation. Usually when talking about “anime” it is referred to Japanese animation that has been adapted from Japanese manga. Anime is an abbreviation of the English word “animation”, originating in Japan through the roots of manga. Although the term is used in Japan to refer to animation in general, in English usage the term most popularly refers to material originating from Japan, a subset of animation. Anime is traditionally hand drawn, but computer assisted techniques have become quite common in recent years. The subjects of anime represent most major genres of fiction, and anime is available in most motion-picture media ranging from television to literature. ( Why is Anime addicting? Cigarettes and alcohol can be addicting, anime can be addicting too. People who are addicted to anime, however, are termed as otaku, anime otaku, to be exact. There are people who do nothing all day but watch anime, think about anime, theorize anime, collect anime, squeal about anime, and dream about anime. Well, not really but they still do a lot......

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...SY 2012-2013 “The Effects of Otaku Culture to an Individual’s Study Habit” A Research Paper to be presented to Ms. Exzie Calubayan In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements in Sociology By Villegas, Claire Bridget R. March 15, 2013 Chapter One “It’s not just anime! It’s a way of life!” Introduction The real meaning of “Otaku” had a small debate when the US coined it as a term for people who are obsessed with the Japanese culture, with also a considerably large amount of love for anime and manga. However, the real meaning of the word “Otaku” could be viewed as negative for a typical Japanese person because “Otaku” literally means “Social Recluse” (Also note, it is synonymous to “Hikikomori”) specifically speaking, when one speaks of “Otaku Culture”, one’s head would immediately pop out the word “geek” or “nerd”. The culture mainly speaks about Japanese traditions, pop culture, anime, and manga. (Wikipedia, Retrieved 2013) Otaku culture originated from Akihabara, a district of Tokyo where it mostly sells electronic goods as well as a famous hangout for otaku individuals. Originally, “Otaku” during the old times meant “house” or “family” while giving an emphasis on respect when used as a second-person pronoun. However, as modern Japanese slang continued to grow in the busy streets of Tokyo when fans of well known anime titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Hunter x Hunter, people now adopted the new meaning of “Otaku”. (Facts About Japan,......

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...INTRODUCTION           ANIME. Whenever I hear this word, I automatically switch my brain from serious and normal mode, to hyperactive and otaku mode.           When I hear people talk about anime, I can't just leave them be, I'll talk with them! This is how freaky and weird I can be. I first started watching anime when I was a kid, but I took it to the next level when I was in high school. Are you wondering what kind of next level this is? I meant next level as, at first, I only watch it when I come across it. But now, I watch it because I want to. It became my fascination. When I learned that an anime is popular and it's really good, I'll watch it. I may leave my schoolwork undone and watch anime first. This became the topic of my blog. Anime.           Hi! I'm a serious, fun, hyperactive, weird and crazy otaku. I'm Lissa Nubla and welcome to my blog! 1 - What is Anime? (The photo above is an example of an anime art/drawing.)           So, what is anime? Why is it popular all around the world, just like here in the Philippines? Does anime affect the way of living of the people that watch or are addicted in watching it?           According to the article What is Anime by Serdar Yegulalp that I read, "The word anime -- pronounced "ah-knee-may" -- is an abbreviation of the word animation. In Japan, the word's used to refer to all animation." Also, according to Katherine Luther, anime is essentially Japanese animation and in fact, the word 'anime' is a......

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...Report: Teen Commits Suicide After Seeing His Favorite Naruto Character Die 30,034 Brian Ashcraft ProfileFollow Brian Ashcraft Filed to: NARUTO * WTF * JAPAN * KOTAKUEAST 11/02/12 6:55am * ------------------------------------------------- Share to Kinja * ------------------------------------------------- Share to Facebook * ------------------------------------------------- Share to Pinterest * ------------------------------------------------- Share to Twitter * ------------------------------------------------- Go to permalink Ads by Google Start Download Convert Any File to a PDF - Word, Jpeg, Gif, Rtf - Free Download! Seeing an anime character die allegedly inspired a 14 year-old Russian boy to jump one hundred feet to his death, says a report. According to Mail Online, Leonid Hmelev committed suicide after seeing his favorite character,Naruto character Itachi Uchiha, die in anime Naruto: Shippuden. The character's death reportedly saddened the boy. It's been known since 2008 that the character dies. ‘I always told him he spent too much time watching the TV-he didn't know what was reality and what was fiction anymore," said his father, Ivan. Hmelev left home after watching Naruto: Shippuden, leaving a message on a social networking site that he was "planning an ending". His body was discovered after being missing for two days. Obviously, there seems to be more going on here, than a simple......

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...effects that may result from Anime addiction. Introduction Anime is a style of animation in Japan which it can lead into addiction. Nowadays, anime addiction is very rampant especially among students. People with obsessive interest in anime are called otaku. I. Anime II. The negative effects of Anime Addiction to students A. Academic B. Health C. Behavior III. The positive effects of Anime Addiction to students A. Increased Social Interaction B. Interest in arts C. Interest in Japanese Language and Culture D. Relieves Problem E. Influence their English Vocabulary Conclusion Anime Addiction is affecting the academic, health, and behavior of the students. Their parents don’t like their child watching anime, because they can’t focus in their studies. But it depends on the child that he will balance his study and the anime or not. References INTRODUCTION Anime is a style of animation in Japan, heavily influenced by the Manga (Japan comic) and typically featuring characters with large eyes, big hair, exaggerated facial expression and it is classified according to its genre. Nowadays, anime addiction is very rampant especially among students. People with obsessive interest in anime are called, otaku (Ninai, 2011). This study aims to answer this following question: 1. Why is anime addiction? 2. What are the negative effects of anime addiction to students? 3. What are the positive effects of anime addiction to students? This paper......

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...Anime lovers are called Otaku, which is western for 'freak' or Japanese for 'fan.' Those that enjoy anime are shoved into that category for no reason aside from the fact that they like cartoon stories. They are seen as childish, immature, and having no real life. This simply isn't true. There are many reasons that anime is a legitimate art form and "otaku" should be viewed as no different from people who love action movies or love stories.. Many heroes in anime are not typical Western heroes. Our heroes are Rambo, Dirty Harry, and Indiana Jones - somebody with a gun, an attitude, and a way with women. Sometimes the hero is a woman, but these cases are few and far between- women are usually just romantic interests for the hero. You don't get swordsmen, space-age heroes (since Buck Rogers, anyway) or children in our movies-until you go to movies based on history, 80's kids shows, and kid's movies. In anime, the heroes tend to be younger and less capable. Their shows focus on the growth of characters instead of how many explosions movie makers can stuff in. (though there are still lots of explosions). Anime is Eastern-style cartoons, not Western.. Most American adults see cartoons as kid stuff. They 'grew out of it' by the time they were eleven, or so they'll claim. Why do so many people love anime, despite their 'cartoon' roots? The simple, wrong answer is that they don't have the mental capacity to deal with seventy-three seasons of "Friends" or "Everybody Loves Raymond."......

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