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Overcome Evil Mankind has been born into sin ever since the fall of Adman and Eve. The elements of sin, such as sadness, guilt, sorrow, shame, and pain were never intended in the beginning of creation. Unfortunately since man has fallen into sin every man is born a sinner. There is nothing that we can do to stop ourselves being born into sin. Sin is what separated us from God and in some ways can do that today. This is why everyone feels dark oppressions of sin at some point in time in their lives.
As natural catastrophes, wars, and disease carry on in our world. These are natural evils that exist in our world. Most of which, are not the act of God doing so, but He allows it willing for his purpose and glory. The Lord in many ways will allow evil to bring us as believes closer to him. An analogy for this is like working out. For most people it is an extremely difficult and painful task, but it is was builds our bodies to make us stronger. The same thing goes with our faith in the Lord. He will allow evil things in our lives to bring us to prayer, the word and just seeking him.
A perfect illustration of bad things that happens in our lives and in the world is through the book of Job. Job in every way was faithful to God even when he was put to the test. The Lord allowed Satan to remove all of his children and all of his worldly possessions. Through this it was to display the Lord’s glory. Everything that Job went through was temporary. This was a test to prove to Satan Job’s faithfulness to God, in which drew him closer to God. It must be remembered that God never did these things to Job it was all Satan’s doing, but God allowed it.
Another evil in our world is moral evil, in which we as an individual can control to doing towards others. The commandments of God are what help us know what these moral evils are in our world and an example being do not murder.…...

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