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Case 1:

2. What are the key processes in the online operation?
- Detailed Information: One of the most obvious signs of a e-business’ sincerity is easy availability of information., Unless you have something to hide, there’s no reason to skimp on such things as detailed product descriptions, delivery information, pricing, and even company information — the company’s history, physical location, and a variety of ways (names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.) of contacting someone at the company. Making consumer feel free to email or call the company to get an idea about their business practices or customer service standards.
- Recognized Brand: Most big-name, well-known online retailers like “” or “” are safe bets, as are websites recommended by people you know or the ones you have previously bought from (and didn’t have any complaints about). I said "most" because in rare instances, a third-party crook could be enticing you to visit a make-believe website simply to steal (or “phish”) your information.
- Easy to pay: After ordering the products online, the shoppers will pay for their products online. Online grocery services may accept one or more methods of payment: credit cards, bank debit cards, electronic funds transfers, personal cheques and/or money orders. - Delivery services: delivery is the last step of online grocery shopping. Some online grocery has a delivery computer programs that provide time management information and point-to-point directions throughout the delivery route. The program can show them traffic conditions, rush-hour volume, road construction, and other uncertainties that can be predicted within the local area. Some companies require shopper to be at home to wait for the delivery. However, many shoppers may not be able to stay at home; therefore, other companies offer the option of unattended…...

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