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Yaseen | 2. | Waalqurani alhakeemi | 3. | Innaka lamina almursaleena | 4. | AAala siratin mustaqeemin | 5. | Tanzeela alAAazeezi alrraheemi | 6. | Litunthira qawman ma onthira abaohum fahum ghafiloona | 7. | Laqad haqqa alqawlu AAala aktharihim fahum la yuminoona | 8. | Inna jaAAalna fee aAAnaqihim aghlalan fahiya ila alathqani fahum muqmahoona | 9. | WajaAAalna min bayni aydeehim saddan wamin khalfihim saddan faaghshaynahum fahum la yubsiroona | 10. | Wasawaon AAalayhim aanthartahum am lam tunthirhum la yuminoona | 11. | Innama tunthiru mani ittabaAAa alththikra wakhashiya alrrahmana bialghaybi fabashshirhu bimaghfiratin waajrin kareemin | 12. | Inna nahnu nuhyee almawta wanaktubu ma qaddamoo waatharahum wakulla shayin ahsaynahu fee imamin mubeenin | 13. | Waidrib lahum mathalan ashaba alqaryati ith jaaha almursaloona | 14. | Ith arsalna ilayhimu ithnayni fakaththaboohuma faAAazzazna bithalithin faqaloo inna ilaykum mursaloona | 15. | Qaloo ma antum illa basharun mithluna wama anzala alrrahmanu min shayin in antum illa takthiboona | 16. | Qaloo rabbuna yaAAlamu inna ilaykum lamursaloona | 17. | Wama AAalayna illa albalaghu almubeenu | 18. | Qaloo inna tatayyarna bikum lain lam tantahoo lanarjumannakum walayamassannakum minna AAathabun aleemun | 19. | Qaloo tairukum maAAakum ain thukkirtum bal antum qawmun musrifoona | 20. | Wajaa min aqsa almadeenati rajulun yasAAa qala ya qawmi ittabiAAoo almursaleena | 21. | IttabiAAoo man la yasalukum ajran wahum muhtadoona | 22. | Wama liya la aAAbudu allathee fataranee wailayhi turjaAAoona | 23. | Aattakhithu min doonihi alihatan in yuridni alrrahmanu bidurrin la tughni AAannee shafaAAatuhum shayan wala yunqithooni | 24. | Innee ithan lafee dalalin mubeenin | 25. | Innee amantu birabbikum faismaAAooni | 26. | Qeela odkhuli aljannata qala ya layta qawmee…...

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