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Top 10 of Malaysia takes a brief look at some top Malaysian companies on the back of trials and tribulations experienced on a global scale last year.

In 2011 many countries have been hit by challenges brought about by natural disasters, financial crises and political upheavals. Malaysia, as an emerging market, is expected to be still attractive to many investors, be they local or foreign. The start of 2012 has brought with it a myriad of new aspirations and resolve for companies in Malaysia.

Maybank remained the company with the highest market valuation on Bursa, standing at RM62 billion while CIMB, at the number 2 spot in December 2011 with a market valuation of RM55 billion then, went down to the 4th spot on the current list after shedding some RM4 billion in market value. It was upstaged by Sime Darby and Petronas whose market valuations stood at RM55 billion and RM53 billion respectively. Maxis and Genting too, stood above Axiata which retreated about RM2 billion in its market value. Petronas hopes to improve its bottom line where natural gas is concerned with the operation of its gas import terminal at Melaka which is scheduled to be in operation in August this year and the acceptance of its proposal for a gas pricing mechanism.

JCY International, a hard disk drive manufacturer, is again the top company in the technology sector with a market capitalisation of RM2.7 billion. Its share price has doubled in just over two months in recent times and JCY is set to reap the financial benefits arising out of supply shortages caused by floods in Thailand. It expects to gain a 19- fold increase in its profits for the 1st quarter financial year 2012 which closed on 31 December 2011. YTL E-Solutions, at 2nd place in this sector, has a market capitalisation of RM1.2 billion. The recent drop in revenue from its information technology and…...

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