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Certified General Accountants Association of Canada 100 – 4200 North Fraser Way Burnaby, British Columbia Canada V5J 5K7 © CGA-Canada, 2013 All rights reserved. These materials or parts thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission of the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.

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About CGA-CANADA _________________________________________
CGA-Canada today
The CGA designation focuses on integrity, ethics, and the highest education requirements. Recognized as the country’s accounting business leaders, CGAs provide strategic counsel, financial leadership, and overall direction to all sectors of the Canadian economy. The Certified General Accountants Association of Canada — CGA-Canada — sets standards, develops education programs, publishes professional materials, advocates on public policy issues, and represents CGAs nationally and internationally. The Association represents 75,000 CGAs and students in Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, and China.

CGA-Canada advances the interests of its members and the public through national and international representation and the establishment of professional standards, practices, and services.

A proud history
CGA-Canada was founded in Montréal in 1908 under the leadership of John Leslie, vicepresident of the Canadian Pacific Railway. From the beginning, its objective was to encourage improvement in skills and job performance — a goal the Association holds to this day. On April 14, 1913, Canada’s Parliament passed the Act that incorporated CGA-Canada as a self-regulating professional Association. Over the decades that followed, branches became associations in their own right, affiliated with the national body. A revised Act of Incorporation, passed in…...

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...How  to  Read  a  Book,  v4.0   Paul  N.  Edwards   School  of  Information   University  of  Michigan       This  article  may  be  freely  distributed  for  any  non-­‐commercial  purpose,     provided  that  nothing  is  added  or  removed,  including  this  copyright  notice.     Commercial  use  of  this  material  is  expressly  prohibited  .   Quasi-­‐permanent  URL:   COPYRIGHT  2000-­‐2008  PAUL  N.  EDWARDS.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.         How  can  you  learn  the  most  from  a  book  —  or  any  other  piece  of  writing  —  when  you're  reading   for  information,  rather  than  for  pleasure?     It’s  satisfying  to  start  at  the  beginning  and  read  straight  through  to  the  end.  Some  books,  such  as   novels,  have  to  be  read  this  way,  since  a  basic  principle  of  fiction  is  to  hold  the  reader  in   suspense.  Your  whole  purpose  in  reading  fiction  is  to  follow  the  writer’s  lead,  allowing  him  or   her  to ...

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