Two Parents Are Better Than One

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Two parents are better than one
There are more and more parents who are divorced or they never marriage but have children. In my opinion, two parents are better than one. Not only are children with two parents better off emotionally, financially, medically, etc., than children of single parents, children of married parents fare better than children of unmarried parents living together. The children of happy marriages are much healthier in the term of mental than the children of divorced parents or the children of single parents who were never married. In an article from Rhona Mahony, she writes that:

“Researchers interview 60 recently divorced couples who are experiencing such trouble with their separation that they have sought counselling from a professional psychologist. One -third of the parents have generally adequate mental health. An additional 15 percent of the men and 20 percent of the women have severe mental illness, such as paranoid thinking or manic-depressive disorder.” ( )

She also argued that:

“The researchers discover that after the divorce, many of the children in those families have trouble in school and struggle with intense feelings of anger and sorrow.” (

It can be seen from the research that not only parents have mental illness but also children. In addition, Mohony refers to Second Chances (Wallerstein), which reports on children from divorced families. The appendix describes the unusual prevalence and severity of mental illness in her sample, which also supports my point. Also, from an article: The Effects of Divorce on Children, it is argued that:

“Generally how children fare in families is due in part to the mental health of the parents; this is likely to be true for children in…...

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