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You can access the Main forum by singing into your student webpage. Once there you click on the Classroom tab and then the Discussion section. From here you will see a forums menu box you will then click on the section titled Main.
You can access the Individual forum by singing into your student webpage. Once there you click on the Classroom tab and then the Discussion section. From here you will see a forums menu box you will then see a section titled Individual Forum you will click on your name under that section.
To find the Orientation Workshop readings you will sign into your student webpage, click on the classroom then the materials section. All the reading materials you will need underlined in blue text and are clickable all beginning with the word Reading.
After you log into your student webpage you will go to the classroom tab and then click on the Assignments section. From there you will click on the week you are doing the assignment for in the Assignments menu under the summary section. You then will see the list of assignments for the week; you will click on the due assignment and then upload it from your folder on your computer by clicking the browse button. It will automatically upload when you select the file from your computer.
Class discussions for participation take place in the Discussion section in the Main Forum. For participation you will reply to the DQ threads two times a day for four days.
To read replies in the main forum you will click the Discussion section and click on the Main forum in the Forums menu. You will then see a list of threads created for the week. You will click on any thread you want to see replies in and then click on any thread that has Re: next to it which indicates it is a reply.
To reply to a message in the main forum you will click on the thread you want to reply to in the main forum and underneath the threads…...

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...sayo"- Loki "sus naman.. para tampo di mu pa magawa... ako na mismo nag sabi.. magtampo ka rin para fair"- mee .. ... ..... "u-uh.. l-Loki,. may problema b? nag away ba kayo ni Monique?" - mee taeng tanong ku yan oh.. he shrug "eh.. bakit di mo ako kinakausap?" - mee "mas gusto ko lang kasing titigan ka"- Loki hmp.. may topak pala 'to eh "titigan mo your face!"- mee "ngayun lang kaya kita masosolo eh... malay naten... diba?" - Loki "hoy lalake.. wag kang green minded diyan.. ehh.. anong 'MALAY NATEN'.. eww"- mee "malay mo, bukas makalawa" - Loki "hoy tae ka! wag mo akong bibitinin sa mga sagot mo.. at... at wag mo ng sabihin pa ang susunod na mga salita... ayoko marinig.. ang berde rin pala ng utak mo.... YAAAA!!!! STOP HUGGING ME!! SOBRA KA NA HA!! TSANSING NA YAN TSONG! HOY!! ANO BA?"- mee tae naman kasi eh nag sasalita pa ako bigla na lang niya akong i ha hug? hanep lang... "ang gusto kong sabihin.. baka bukas makalawa, or malay naten ngayun palang na nasosolo kita bak man lang maging TAYO na"- Loki ...ohh... ako pala ay may iniisip na kung ano- ano.. kahiya.. >.< "anong tayo na? loko ka... nanligaw ka na ba? ni kahit nung una di ka man nanligaw diba kaya pano magkakaroon ng TAYO?" - mee "ohh.. so manliligaw pa ako?" - Loki "alangan....aii naku... alangan naman na instant relationship lang... sinabi mo lang na ganun-ganyan payag na.. NO WAY"- mee "ohh.. tama na okay.. inggay mo eh.. tulog......

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Unwanted in Dylan O’Brien the actor, but you can call me Dylan, all my friends do anyway,” So I was his friend now? I was freaking out; I tried not to scream on the phone. I was jumping around my room when I slipped, I landed on my hip. I screamed out in agony. Erin ran over from the other side of my dorm, “Daryl, are you okay?” she asked standing over me, looking at me lying on the ground. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I got up and sat on my bed, Erin shrugged and turned on her heals flopping on the bed across from mine. I tried blocking out the pain; Dylan O’Brien was on the phone with me! “DARYL?!? Are you okay?” I heard Dylan calling from the phone, which was now on the floor. I scrambled to grab it. “Dylan? Yeah, I’m fine; I just fell of my… ummmm... Bed.” That was a good enough excuse, right? Dylan was laughing again, “Alrighty then… So, are we still on for tonight or not?” he asked, I didn’t know what we were ‘on for’ though. I asked him, “Refresh my memory. What are we doing tonight?” He was still laughing. I was totally embarrassing myself!! Just stay calm, I kept warning myself. “Well, last night, we were playing a game of beer pong and we made had a bet: if I won: you would have to go on a date with me,” he stated I giggled, “Sounds legit,” I replied; we both laughed. “So I’ll pick you up at 4?” he asked. “Of course!” Then a thought crossed my mind, “Wait, how you know where I live?” I asked “How do you think you got home last night?” he said. I’m......

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...round of applause after the poem presentation. We concluded the presentation by an interpretative dance of medley songs “Kapaligiran” by Asin and “Paraiso” by Smokey Mountain. It depicts how human activities damage the natural resources, particularly the air and how human can save the earth. I saw the tears in Jacqueline’s eyes as she portrayed the role of skin cancer victim, and Antonnete as wife whose husband is missing because of flash flood. The dance ended by showing how people could be united to address the problem. I hold a seedling signifying that we have to plant more trees; Jacqueline hold the signage where “Save Electricity” was written and Antonnete hold a poster with a slogan, “Save the air for our children’s children.” Ummmm, do you know that I really like our presentation, because if we were to present it in the form of reporting, for sure it will be boring. I could imagine Monica falling into sleep again in class just like what she did in the reporting of previous group; or seeing Jandel walk silently outside the class to escape. Not unlike in the way we presented it, we just discussed the outline and listed down important details, then made a poem. I think we really saved much time and we introduced the lesson in a very exciting way, so I felt our presentation was not bad. After reading the poem, I understand the importance of the ozone using all my heart and I really feel pity about our ozone layer. It needs care from all of us, yet we are......

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...I have a hard time remembering my name.” I sighed at that and I felt Angel smile into my neck. I gave Angel the computer and had him look over what I clicked for the breakfast foods snacks. “Baby you don’t have the corn flakes one on here.” “We have enough corn flakes for the next five months and you know that the kids and you do not need to have them but once a month. And next month when I think it’s time I’ll tell Jamie how to cook the corn flakes, there are something’s I know you do not need to know.” I gave him a kiss on his check. “Why don’t you go through the lunch and supper food items and when you’re done I’ll look through it.” “Hey Nisi are you sure you can’t feel this.” Shawn asked “Shawn what did you do this time?” “Ummmm nothing.” Shawn said looking like he did something wrong. “Jamie, will you look at my foot. Please.” “Dinise he put a whole bunch of pins in your foot.” Jamie called out. “Shane you and your brother get out after you both pull the pins out of my foot then go. You two are trying driving me nuts.” Shane and Shawn pulled the pins out of my foot as Jamie and Angel watched. “Baby you didn’t feel that at all?” Angel asked “Angel I have no feelings what so ever in that foot. When I stepped on the nail it went through the nerve now I feel nothing there it doesn’t bother me but Shawn likes to make sure that I feel nothing by putting things in my foot and that gets on my nerves.” “Baby girl, why are you being mean?” Tim asked as he......

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...muh-muh!" Tapang-tapangan kong pagsabi. "U-umalis ka sabi dito eh! Hatid nalang kitang cemetery, okay na ba yun?" Okay lang, hahatid ko talaga si muh-muh, basta wag lang nya akong lapitan. WAAHH! *Snores* *Snores* Ang tindi pala talaga nitong multong ito. Talo pa ako sa sobrang pagod eh. Tch. Sipain ko kaya? Oo tama. Wag nya lang akong gagantihan. *Sipa* *Sipa* Wala pa ding imik si muh-muh. WAAHH! Kainis 'to ah! Gusto ko sanang buksan na yung ilaw kaso... baka mamaya may humawak ng paa ko pag baba ko, o kaya may biglang sumalubong sa'kin na white lady, o kaya may biglang humawak ng kamay ko pag binuksan ko yung switch! GAD! The possibilitiesss! AH! Wre-wrestling-in ko nalang 'to! AJA! One... Two... Three... "HI-YAAAA!" Dinaganan ko si muh-muh tapus bigla kaming nahulog sa baba. Nakapikit ako habang na-realize ko na nakapatong pala ako kay muh-muh. Grabe! Ang epic nitong scene na 'to! May biglang nagbukas ng pinto at ng ilaw. Nasilaw ako kaya hindi ako agad agad nakatayo. Nakapikit lang ako at nagaantay ng kung anong susunod na mangyayari. "HUY! Kath? Kenneth?" Gad! Sino yun? Kampon na ba yun ni muh-muh? WAH! "S-sino ka?!" tanong ko habang nakapikit pa din. "Malamang si Charmaine! Ano bang ginagawa nyo sa lapag ni Kenneth?" Sino daw? Si Kenneth ba? "OMG!" sigaw ng isang lalaking may maarteng boses. At malamang si Eril ito. "Ang OA mo Eril. Tss. Eh teka nga muna. Kath, may..." tumigil muna sa pagsasalita si Charmaine.......

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Literature was out for a business trip. I ran to her garden and throw stones on her window to wake her up. She opened the window, looks at me and then she opened the back door of her room. After I entered, she hold my shoulders and with great strength she pushes me to her bed then said “please, if you really love me, be with me always, if you really love me, do everything for me” I replied “that is why I’m here, right? To make it all up from what I have done. Then she kissed me, then she holds my hands tightly while murmuring “your mine, and always be mine” and we became lovers once more. “That’s the most beautiful and very inspiring story telling dad”, “Son remember your promise ok? Not to tell your mother ok” “Oh Honey I already knew” “UMMMM DEAR! Uhh no, I was telling our son how beautiful you are to me” “it’s ok honey, no need to worry, ok?” “Are you sure?” “Of course, now let’s go to our room and you know what’s next” “Dear, please I’m sorry, please don’t do this” “HONEY! GO TO OUR ROOM AND DO IT!” “y- yes dear” “And as for you children go and play ok?” “Yes mom” “You got some explaining and things to do for me honey” “Y-yes d-d-dear”. But that moment I came to realize how special she was to me, and how we broke free from our faults, our fight for our love is endless, and you would say that me and Jennevie really did fought and broke free. I would always remember how Janice and Stella really helped us Jennevie to be together, not by stopping us, but knowing how we......

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..."Just Fine" Heeyy, uh, ummmm, heey, oh girl, oh girl We did everything we could do To try to make it work (we did, we did) Baby, you look so confused, cause it feels like, there was no way we could lose (no way, no way) Baby, I just don't know why I can't find the things you need in me (I can't, I can't girl) Baby, they know just know what to say, they trying to break us away from one another, but maybe their right for a change I think, God will give you someone, Much better than me, trust me Your eyes will be O.K. it will be alright. You'll be just fine (just fine, just fine) I know that baby we would disagree constantly on the basic things (we did, we did) You thought that there was someone else, all along (no way, no way) Baby I want to decide to stay right by your side Baby, they know just what to say. They wanna keep us away from one another But Maybe they're right for a change I think, God will give you someone, Much better than me, trust me Your eyes will be O.K. (O.K.), alright (alright), just fine (just fine) I know, baby, baby, baby can't you see that another fella just may be the kinda man that you need You deserve it and I know that I know another love has come your way, just listen to me when I say You'll find him (you'll find him) be patient I think, God will give you someone, So much better than me, trust me Your eyes will be O.K., it will alright, it will be just fine (just fine) (Cause I know that baby) I think, God...

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...ring as Reine) may lead Tony’s Chocolonely; an amazing team of motivated and motivating people, who work daily towards 100% slave free chocolate. I am proud of what we have achieved and even more proud of what we have planned for the future. That’s why Tony’s turning 10 deserves a birthday party. In November we’ll celebrate our birthday with all the people that support us, cheer us on, challenge us, and eat our chocolate. And tomorrow, full of beans, we’ll be back on our way!” Eva Gouwens, First Lady of Chocolate. G4-1 7 chapter one: hey, you! and you, and you, and you, and you We are very serious when it comes to people, they’re fundamentally important to us. It’s unique that this also applies to our stakeholders. Ummmm… stakeholders?!? Yup. The people and organizations who influence us or who are influenced by what we do. t ony’s is interested in our stakeholders: consumers, employees, cocoa farmers and retailers who sell our bars. Only by working together can we make our vision of 100% slave free chocolate a reality. There’s always a chance that we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re on the right track and setting the right priorities. Are we well-grounded? Feedback is critical. That’s why we keep the conversation open. It’s gives us a chance to explain why we made certain choices. Here’s a list of the main players – the stakeholders – within our chocolate supply chain in order of importance: team Tony’s the cocoa farmers and consumers ...

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Btec Unit 1

...tad silly but fuck it, it works as a pop song and the video is pretty cool. But since he's singing it, I have to be a tiny bit ashamed to like it just because I hate his character. Wish he hadn't shown the world what a massive tool he was early on, then he might actually get some credit. Read more Reply Abril De La Cruz Sanchez Abril De La Cruz Sanchez1 hour ago like si ablas español Reply3 Azul Sempre Azul Sempre2 days ago Quem é Brasileiro ai Reply13 10,000 subs with no videos challenge 10,000 subs with no videos challenge9 hours ago Hey who ended up here April 25th? Reply4 View all 2 replies I hate That I luv u I hate That I luv u1 hour ago Me Reply SmarTutos SmarTutos3 hours ago ummmm I still don't get it how songs like "What Do You Mean" or "Sorry" get more vues than this... Reply2 Fabio Andres Cogollo Avila Fabio Andres Cogollo Avila2 days ago Alguien que entienda español oh soy el unico que esta aqui. Reply7 View all 13 replies Fabio Andres Cogollo Avila Fabio Andres Cogollo Avila5 hours ago ludos a todos soy de colombia.  Reply1 Ashley Jessica Ashley Jessica1 day ago This song is my drug Youtube is my dealer The Ads are the police xD Reply9 View all 6 replies Ed Daliday Ed Daliday5 hours ago +Ashley Jessica get adblocker, never worry about the police again Reply Ashley Jessica Ashley Jessica1 hour ago +Ed Daliday lol yeah thanks  Reply Katu......

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