Understanding Consumer Behaviour

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...Consumer behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organisations and the processes they use to select, secure, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society (Kuester, 2012). These helps the marketers to answer questions such as why people choose one product or brand over another, how they make these choices, and how companies use this knowledge to provide value to consumers. Specifically, we considered a number of internal factors that influence consumer behaviour including motivation and learning to help us in understanding the consumer. Solomon, et al (2010:177) defines motivation as “the process that cause people to behave as they do … Motivation occurs when a need is aroused that the consumer wishes to satisfy. Once a need has been activated, a state of tension exists that drives the consumer to attempt to eliminate or reduce the need.” Dr Abraham Maslow formulated a widely accepted theory of human motivation based on the notion of a universal hierarchy of human needs. This identifies five basic levels of human need which rank in order of importance from lower level needs (biogenic) to higher level needs (psychogenic). This theory says that individuals need to satisfy the lower needs before higher level needs arise (Maslow, 1965). Physiological needs are the lowest or the first level needs. These include food, water, air, clothing, and shelter. Once the......

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...UNIT -V PREPURCHASE BEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMER Consumer behavior is the study of how individuals, groups, and organizations select, buy, use, and dispose of goods, services, idea, or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants. Consumers are responsible factors for the sales of any product or services. So, when a new product is launched in the market, understanding consumer’s buying behavior becomes very essential. For this marketer has to study and understand various factors which influences the customers thoughts while buying any product or service. Basically there are two reasons for buying any product/service : 1) Necessity driven buying behavior – Every human being has certain basic needs to fulfill those basic needs, one has to buy related products. It varies from person to person. 2) Impulse buying behavior – Sometimes, there is no pre conceived notion in the minds of the consumer, however certain products, packaging, promotional schemes etc force the consumers to buy them. A consumer’s buying behavior is influenced by cultural, social, and personal factors. Cultural factors Culture, subculture, and social class are particularly important influences on consumer buying behavior. Culture is the fundamental determinant of person’s wants and behavior. The growing child acquires a set of value, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors through his or her family and other key institutions. For eg, A child growing in India is exposed to the following values like......

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...Introduction Consumer behaviour has always had a great importance to marketers. The understanding of consumer behaviour supports the marketer to comprehend how consumers reflect, select and sense from substitutes like brands and products, and in what way the consumers are subjective by their environment, family, the society, and marketers. Consumer behaviour is outlined as the conclusion and physical action occupied, in when measuring, acquiring, exploiting or disposing of goods and service (Kumar, 2010) These goods and services that are marketed to consumers, influence, the consumer's buying behaviour by cultural, personal, social and psychological factors, which most of these factors are uncontrollable. Almost all these influences are beyond the hands of marketers but have to be considered, while trying to interpret the complex behaviour of the consumers. Every consumer before purchasing a product or service, are influence by a specific factor, however in this essay the author will critically analyse the impact of culture on consumer buying behaviour. What is Culture? culture is an influence that affects any behaviour and is the most fundamental cause of a human's wants and behaviour. Culture relates to a set of beliefs, perspectives and views, which are acknowledged by consistent group of people and inherited to the future generation. (Kumar, 2010) What people eat, wear, occupy and travel, as well as what is acceptable with product advertising, are both......

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...Consumer Behaviour Theory Analysis In Nokia And Motorola Marketing Essay ukessays.com /essays/marketing/consumer-behaviour-theory-analysis-in-nokia-and-motorolamarketing-essay.php The company manufactures mobile devices for almost every key market segment and protocol that also involves GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA. In addition to manufacturing mobile devices the company also offers various internet services like applications, maps, games, media, music and messaging (Nokia Looks Beyond, 2004). The company’s subsidiary “Nokia Siemens Networks” manufactures telecommunications network equipment, resolutions and services. Moreover, the company also serves its customers with free digital map information and navigation services (About Nokia, 2010). The company operates as a leader in the mobile telecommunications and this competency of the company depends upon its abundant experience, technology invention and precise marketing strategy. In the product category of mobile-phone brand, Nokia has attained number one position and it is all due to its approach towards its customers. In this project the product category selected for the discussion is “mobile phones” in which Nokia has established itself as leading brand in comparison to any other mobile phone manufacturer. With its advanced technologies and features the company has established itself a well-known brand in the mobile phone category (About Nokia, 2010). The company believes in offering handsets with attractive designs, advanced......

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...Learning outcomes and pass attainment level:Examine the effect of individual and group influences on the behaviour of the consumerAnalyse the use of marketing techniques designed to persuade the consumer and modify their behaviourStructure and clarity of expressionAt this level it is important to produce well-organised, structured, accurate and properly presented work. Developing such skills will assist you with your work at levels five and six. The fundamental features of the required tasks are expected as the norm at this level, including due attention to the type and style of each of the chosen assignment tasks and the work should remain clearly organised and focused.Content and understandingAssessment at this level is mainly based on assimilation of knowledge and key theoretical concepts. The use of the correct vocabulary and terminology is expected at this level. Students should aim to demonstrate they have a sound foundation of knowledge of a number of consumer behaviour concepts. Analysis/EvaluationStudents are encouraged to start developing their skills of analysis and evaluation and should be able to demonstrate some ability to appraise and evaluate via the tasks required in the portfolio using theory, frameworks and concepts gained during the term.Reading/Research and ReferencingReading is the basis of any assignment and should be varied but always relevant to the tasks required. Students are expected to refer to the standard essential texts when necessary and......

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...CHAPTER I1 TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR In an environment of competitive market, the success of every industry largely depends on how precisely it can understand the target consumers. Because, such an understanding is the sole means to translate the needs and wants of the prospective consumers into products or services. Regarding textiles, understanding consumer is the nucleus of its production and marketing, as clothing is the manifestation of the behavioural aspects of the wearer in its totality. To make it more clear, the decision regarding buying and using textiles is the reflection of the rational behaviour of consumers. The amazing and amusing aspect of the rational behaviour is its 'dynamism' which is conspicuous because of its magnitude. It is worth noting here the opinion of Michael De Montaigne 'There never were in the world two opinions alike, no more than two hairs or two grains: the most universal quality is diversityl(Montaigne, Michael De, 1915). The dynamism of rational behaviour postulates the,formulation and the reformulation of approach, outlook or perception in resdLct of every sphere of human activity including consumption. A sagacious marketer, therefore, has to convince himself that his products / services and sti,ategies are in line with the dynamic marketing environment. 'Marketing is the 'whole business' from the viewpoint of its final result, that is, from the consumer - point- of- view' (Drucker, P.F. 1973). Unless a......

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...Understanding consumer behaviour before launching a product i.e. Tablet. Table of contents: * Understanding consumer behaviour * Advantages * Disadvantages * Conclusion * Appendix Understanding consumer behaviour Studying consumer behaviour helps a company to set up its goals and marketing strategies. To understand a consumer’s psychology in order to improve an organisation’s marketing tactics is essential; it helps firms and organisations to study the behaviours, choices and needs clients make to consume a product or service. Hawkins (2007, pg.22) stated, “The consumer decision process intervenes between the marketing strategy and the outcomes. That is, the outcomes of the firms marketing strategy is determined by its interaction with the consumer decision process. The firm can only succeed if consumers see a need that its product can solve, become aware of the product and its capabilities, decide that it is the best available solution, proceed to buy it and become satisfied with the result of the purchase.” Marketers use a number of ways to analyse consumer behaviour including behavioural, emotional and cognitive. Solomon (2013, pg. 3) concluded that various factors influence consumers to make choices to buy products including their friends, social media, society and culture. Kumar (2009, pg. 181) proposed that it is very important to keep the values, beliefs and morals of customers in mind. Especially, while introducing gadgets like mobile phones,......

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...AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item 2: CB Report Consumer Behaviour Topics There are two consumer behaviour topics for this assignment. You should choose one (1) of these topics as the subject of your consumer behaviour report. Topic 1: Face-to-Face Fundraising: Powerful or Pestering? In many major cities throughout the world, representatives from charities and other not-for-profit organisations seek to meet the general public face-to-face and encourage them to donate time, money or other support and resources. In order to maximise resources for charitable purposes, representatives are usually hoping to set up a regular donation plan with a donor, rather than asking for a discrete donation of loose change. To this end, representatives are often stationed on city streets, in shopping centres and and near monuments in order to stand a chance of speaking with pedestrians making their way around the city. Whilst these tactics can be successful in engaging donors to make regular donations, especially those who may be too time-poor to seek out opportunities to donate on their own, face-to-face fundraising has also been criticised for ‘pestering’ or even ‘bullying’ consumers. Added to this, donors who sign up as a result of face-to-face fundraising often cancel their donations later. Charities and not-for-profit organisations need to understand more about donor behaviour in order to ensure their strategies are as successful as possible, leaving them free to...

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...Gender and consumer behaviour Consumer buying behaviour can be influence by various factor, which included several major factor that could influence their buying behaviour while in engaging in buying decision. Therefore, these factor could be vary tremendously in terms of income, age, personal taste, as well as gender. By understanding consumer buying behaviour it will allows marketers making further process while in creating an appropriate marketing strategy aim on their consumers. Furthermore, it can be a foundation for marketers to develop a sense of awareness on the criteria that influence consumer buying decision making. In this analysis, it is to study the differences between the genders at a various level of buying decision. Among all these factor which will influence consumer buying behaviour. Gender is one of the major factor. Putrevu, (2001, p.1) stated that gender is one of the most common method while on segmenting criteria which used by nowadays marketers. This makes sense, by dividing gender into two male and female primary category, its makes marketers ease to identify and access into their market and at the same time it is large enough to be profitable. The differences between men and women is due to their diversity in socialization, biological and psychological factors that illustrate the differences on their behaviour at the various situations. When comes to decision making whether it is on shopping or eating, or perhaps in the aspect of personal or......

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...UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ONLINE SHOPPING OF CLOTHES A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the award of the degree of [MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION] BY AMAN AGGARWAL Register No. 1528606 Under the guidance of Prof. DILIP CHANDRA Institute of Management Christ University, Bangalore March 2016 DECLARATION I, Aman Aggarwal, hereby declare that the documentation titled “UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ONLINE SHOPPING OF CLOTHES” is submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award for the award of the MBA (Marketing) is my sole project work and has been carried out under the guidance of Prof. Dilip Chandra, Professor, Christ University, Bangalore. I also declare that this dissertation has not been submitted for any degree, diploma or fellowship or any other title in this University or any other university. Place: Date: Aman Aggarwal Reg. No. 1528606 CUIM, Main Campus (ii) CERTIFICATE- FACULTY GUIDE This is to certify that this research report on “UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ONLINE SHOPPING OF CLOTHES” is a bona fide work of Aman Aggarwal, under my guidance and support. This research report is a part of MBA (Marketing). The work done and content is genuine with respect to the information and data collected. Place: Date: Prof. Dilip Chandra Professor CUIM (iii) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am indebted to many people who helped me to accomplish this dissertation successfully. First,...

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...q Consumer Behaviour 1 q 1 Consumer Behaviour Customer is profit, all else is overload.... x This chapter provides an introduction to consumer behaviour. “Consumer is the most important person. The business revolves around the consumer.” After finishing this chapter one should be able to understand: q What is meant by consumer behaviour q Consumer decision-making process q Marketing strategy and consumer behaviour q Indian consumer and his characteristics x INTRODUCTION All of us are consumers. We consume things of daily use, we also consume and buy these products according to our needs, preferences and buying power. These can be consumable goods, durable goods, speciality goods or, industrial goods. What we buy, how we buy, where and when we buy, in how much quantity we buy depends on our perception, self concept, social and cultural background and our age and family cycle, our attitudes, beliefs values, motivation, personality, social class and many other factors that are both internal and external to us. While buying, we also consider whether to buy or not to buy and, from which source or seller to buy. In some societies there is a lot of affluence and, these societies can afford to buy in greater quantities and at shorter intervals. In poor societies, the consumer can barely meet his barest needs. The marketers therefore tries to understand the needs of different consumers and having understood his different behaviours which......

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