Understanding Rhetorical Structures

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Understanding Rhetorical Structures

Since 2008, the United States economy has been in a recession. The recession has caused many individuals to lose employment, homes, and savings. The economy collapsed due to a variety of reasons of poor finance, lack of regulations, and government legislation. The politicians in Washington have attempted several methods to inject life into the economy. One common practice to boost local and government economies is through taxation. The practice was first introduced through President Ronald Reagan. His idea involved that lowering taxes for wealthy would increase an economy. The purpose of this analysis is to examine a recent article that proposes in today’s era that lowering taxes for the wealthy is not a solution.

The article is developed to provide an insight to the different strategies for economic relief. There are a variety of ways our politicians can attempt to stimulate the economy. First, they could lower taxes for everyone. This would in effect give all people a better financial position to spend and boost local economies. Lowering of taxes could also be class targeted. The argument is based on leaving money in the hands of those who will use the money to expand business and increase prosperity, including creating new jobs as stated by (Numbers Don’t Lie, 2012.)
President Ronald Reagan is credited with first using this method. During his administration he lowered the taxes on the wealthy. The theory is that by lowering taxes for the wealthy that it creates jobs. The author proposes that this economy stimulus model may have worked before but is not effective any more. The next President George H.W. Bush also continued this initiative as a major component of his administration was the promise of no new taxes. President Bush was aware of an exploding national debt that was the result of…...

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