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BTEC LEVEL 3 – Business & Enterprise, Learning Outcome 1
How human resources are managed

Lecturer: Tricia King

Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation. The organisation that I am going to use is John Lewis. John Lewis is the third largest private sector company that supplies product such as Clothing, cosmetics, housewares, food and direct services. It currently employs 91,000 members of staff and I also in partnership with Marks and Spencer and Waitrose.
Job Description
A job description is a list of working conditions that come with a job with a broad, general, and written statement of a specific job, based on the breakdown of the job. It generally includes duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope and working conditions of a job along. Also involving the job's title, and the name or designation of the person to whom the employee reports. Job description usually forms the basis of job specification. It also includes overall targets that you will need to hit. This is specific to each job. Job description can also be used as a guideline for employees to help track progress the guide them to completing their tasks.
At John Lewis for the Email Executive (Online Marketing) Job, they use the general format with questions that will be specific to their job role also describing what the purpose of the job is. For example it includes the breakdown of the job and different subdivisions that you will be covering. Moreover it gives you an initial note that you have objectives that need to be met. The job description also includes what you are accountable for, your responsibilities, Location, Salary, Working Hours and what is going to be measured.

Application Form
Application form is a form that needs to be completed in order to apply for a job. Depending on the job it can be filled out in person with pen or increasingly online…...

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...Student name | Vionna Meijer | NP email address | vrmeijer@st.noorderpoort | Assessor name | Ms. de Jong | Unit | 3 | Submission number | 1 | Cohort | 2014 - 2017 | Authenticity statement | I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged. | Inhoud Introduction 3 Bijenkorf 4 H&M 10 Human resources H&M 10 Staffing to meet changing business demands 10 Coordination of team resources to meet targets 10 Monitoring team performance 10 Liaison with other departments 11 Establishment of professional culture 11 Provide appropriate incentives 11 Encourage creativity and initiative 11 Outsourcing versus in-house decisions 11 Introduction The author will describe the recruitment documentation used by the company Bijenkorf and H&M. P1 Describe the recruitment documentation used in an organisation. Bijenkorf Meer informatie? Neem voor meer informatie over deze vacature contact met ons op via het contactformulier Medewerker Customer Service Vestiging: Groningen Afdeling: Customer Service Uren per week: 15 uur Sluitingsdatum: 29 Juli 2015 Print deze vacature Mail deze vacature Deel deze vacature Solliciteer direct Over de functie Medewerker Customer Service Als Medewerker Customer Service ben jij het visitekaartje van de Bijenkorf en sta je voor Premium Service. Je helpt onze gasten bij het retourneren van producten, het ophalen van hun......

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