Unit 5 Assignment 2

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Unit 5 Assignment 2
Ethernet Local Area Networks Review
PT1210 Introduction to Networking
Christopher B. Young
ITT Tech – Tempe Campus
Instructor: Mr. Larry Douglas
Oct 16, 2015

1.C | 11.C | 2.D | 12.C | 3.B | 13.C | 4.A | 14.A | 5.B | 15.A | 6.E | 16.A | 7.D | 17.D | 8.A | 18.C | 9.A | 19.B | 10.A | 20.C |

Ethernet LAN: A collection of devices including user devices, LAN switches, routers, old hubs and cables all of which use IEEE Ethernet standards at the physical and data link layers so that the devices can send Ethernet frames to each other
802.3: The name of the original IEEE Ethernet standard as well as the overall base name of all IEEE Ethernet LAN working committees
Fast Ethernet: The informal name for one particular Ethernet standard originally defined formally as 803.3u which was the first Ethernet Standard to surpass the original 10-Mbps speed to run at 100 Mbps.
Gigabit Ethernet: The informal name for one particular Ethernet standard defined formally in 802.3z(for fiber) and 802.3ab(for UTP) with a speed of 1 Gbps
Autonegotiation: A process defined by the IEEE so that nodes on the same etherent link can exchange messages for the purpose of choosing the best speed and duplex option that both nodes support
Ethernet Frame: The bytes of data that flow in an Ethernet LAN which begins with the Ethernet header followed by data and ends with the Ethernet trailer. Ethernet LANs deliver Ethernet frames from one Etherent device to another
MAC Address: A data link layer address, 48 bits in length usually written as 12 hexadecimal digits and used to represent different devices connected to LANs.
MAC Address Table: On a LAN switch a table of MAC addresses and local switch ports that the switch uses when making its decision of where to forward Ethernet frames that arrive at the…...

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