Using Lore as an Ict Media to Boost Class Performance

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Using LORE as an ICT Media to Boost Class Performance

What is ICT media? ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. The idea of ICT media is associated with the use of information and communication technology media as a tool for learning. Undoubtedly, in this high-tech era ICT becomes a vital media in teaching. ICT appears as a great helper for teachers, but it can bring a lot of trouble if we are not smart enough to choose the right media for our course. Out there many sites and softwares promote their product about helping us as an educator. As an educator we have to know the right media for conducting class, LORE appears as perfect learning site which lets educators manage their course online. LORE comes up with rich and powerful tools such as gradebook, file management, chat box, and calendar. LORE has social networking features which is beneficial for student to communicate easily with each other. The thing works just the same as you assist your class online. You can post the material anywhere and anytime. With all those powerful function that LORE brings, LORE is such a helpful media to help us improve class performance. LORE boost literacy skill, it bridges student-teacher encounter, it encourages student in publishing their works.

Why use LORE?

Many people see ICT media as a burden because of the cost and practicality. As we know, ICT media is not only expensive because it requires internet connection, but also it is not quite practical because it requires computer to conduct the learning process. Most schools nowadays have covered their area with network, so the student can use the internet freely. Internet in this age happens as free facility, we can get the free internet from cafeteria, coffee shop, even mall. Now computer is not as luxury as decades ago. Most students in 2012 seized the computer as it is just a book. Even if they…...

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