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Do liquor sales affect the crime rates in the Richmond Tri-Cities area?

The Authorization Statement
The purpose of this comprehensive data analysis will utilize secondary data to determine if there is a direct correlation between liquor sales and crime rates in the tri- cities area. Project Summary
The proposal will provide a comprehensive data analysis regarding is there a direct correlations between liquor sales and crimes rates in the tri-cities area
The purposed project analysis will collect 10 years of sales data from the Virginia ABC Board and the City of Richmond, Henrico County, and Chesterfield County crime statistics reports in an effort to determine if liquor sales have an effect on the crime rates in the tri-cities area. Due to the large data volume, the team will provide the following data analysis: i. Provide two sets of independent data that will be composed into Scatter Charts. ii. If the team determines there is a direct correlation between liquor sales and crime rates, the team will proceed in determining the Linear Regression and the Coefficient of determination regarding liquor consumption and criminal behavior. iii. A comprehensive summary report with itemized data and presentation will be presented with an answer to the teams’ hypothesis: Does liquor sales affect the crime rate in the Richmond Tri-cities area?
To determine if the sales of liquor has an effect on the crime rate for the Richmond tri-cities area, the team will collect data for the same time period of 10 years from the VABC and Richmond Metro law enforcement agencies. The team will extract the annual sales data from the Virginia ABC stores Performance Reports for Richmond City, Henrico County and Chesterfield County. The extracted data will reveal the…...

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