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Business Platforms: Sloan Valve 1. Describe Sloan Valve’s customer value proposition and profit model. 2. How would an end-to-end new product development (NPD) process resolve the challenges that Sloan Valve identified with the old NDP process? Provide explanations for each of the three categories provided in Table 1 of the case. 3. The effective use of IT was critical to the success of the reengineered NPD process. Assess the extent to which the reengineered NDP process reflected automation, control, empowerment, and collaboration IT strategic roles? In your view, which IT strategic role is the dominant IT strategic role? 4. Global processes can be standardized or nonstandardized and they can be integrated or nonintegrated. In your view, should Sloan Valve’s NPD process be designed and executed as a standardized process? Why or why not? Should Sloan Valve’s NPD process be designed and integrated as an integrated process? Why or why not? IT Infrastructure: Natural Springs 1. The strategic justification for the initial ERP investment is provided in Table 1. Disregarding as best you can the eventual failure of the ERP implementation, does this justification provide a sound argument for implementing an ERP system? Answer “yes” or “no” and then explain your answer. 2. The Sun System clearly did not provide all the local functionality required by Natural Springs. What was the most significant functionality gap present at the factory? Describe the set of options generally available for resolving such gaps within ERP systems. Which option would you have recommended to Natural Springs to resolve the described factory gap? Why? 3. Which of the options listed in your answer to Question 2 did Natural Springs opt for? Why? What was the outcome and why did this outcome…...

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...Court of First Instance of Manila, Hon. Agustin P. Montesa, presiding, in its Criminal Case No. 15841, People vs. Amado V. Hernandez, et al., and Criminal Case No. 15479, People vs. Bayani Espiritu, et al. In Criminal Case No. 15841 (G.R. No. L-6026) the charge is for Rebellion with Multiple Murder, Arsons and Robberies. The appellants are Amado V. Hernandez, Juan J. Cruz, Genaro de la Cruz, Amado Racanday, Fermin Rodillas and Julian Lumanog; Aquilino Bunsol, Adriano Samson and Andres Baisa, Jr. were among those sentenced in the judgment appealed from, but they have withdrawn their appeal. In Criminal Case No. 15479 (G.R. No. L-6026) the charge is for rebellion with murders, arsons and kidnappings. The accused are Bayani Espiritu Teopista Valerio and Andres Balsa, Jr.; they all appealed but Andres Balsa, Jr. withdrew his appeal. A joint trial of both cases was held, after which the court rendered the decision subject of the present appeals. Issue: Whether or not the defendants-appelants are liable for the crime of conspiracy and proposal to commit rebellion or insurrection under Art. 136 of the RPC? Held: The court found defendants-appellants Hernandez, member of the Communist Party of the Philippines, President of the Congress of Labor Organizations (CLO), had close connections with the Secretariat of the Communist Party and held continuous communications with its leaders and its members, and others, guilty as principal of the crime charged against him and......

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...To mitigate the risk the Super Group Board has come up of a group of approved third parties to conduct trade transactions (Super Group LTD, 2013). • • • • Opportunities • Threates Regulations and Compliance: Due to the heavy pressure from the environmentalist and increased awareness of health foods Super Group faces a very severe threat if regulations change in the region where the it operates to prevent its products.! Supply Disruption: Super Group Products are sold in more than 52 countries but are produced in 5 countries. This exposes super to heavy reliance on their Supply Chain network. With recent natural disaster and political unrest in South east Asia supply chain disruption would be a major risk (Macard and Valerio, 2013), (Super Group LTD, 2013). • Consumerism is going to rise by 2020 since • majority of the 650 million people in South East Asia will be of the age of 30 (Accenture, 2011). They will be an educated generation with more buying power and global mindset of consumption.! ASEAN ( Association of South East Asian Nation) • has announced that the GDP of the region will reach approximately $2 billion by 2020(Accenture, 2011). Hence for Super Group lies great future ahead due the high demand of consumption. ! ! ! SUPER GROUP - AHMAD SALEEM 10 Conclusion! ! Critically NEWS about Super Group! Super Group has been very active in 2013. They have been proactively looking to penetrate China and India, two of Asia’s largest......

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...Expository text argumentative essay, killing Daniel written by Helen garner Question: non-fiction texts make comment on contemporary Australian society. Discuss. The function of an Expository text is to make comment on society in order to educate us on a world that we don’t have much experience with. The non-fiction text Killing Daniel written by Helen Garner, comments on contemporary Australian society by examining our refusal to open our eyes to brutal reality. Helen Garner exposes the horrific and brutal story of Daniel Valerio, whom in society permitted to be beaten to death at only the age of two by his own mothers ‘boyfriend’. Garner comments that as a result of societies apathy, and refusal to open our eyes to reality, we allow evil to prosper within the society we live in. Expository texts open our eyes to the harsh reality of life and encourage us to take action against societies apathy. In the text killing Daniel, Garner comments on apathy within contemporary Australian society by describing those who lack action and concern towards those considered as ‘outsiders.’ By the use of descriptive language Garner describes apathy within the professional’s walls of society. Garner remarks that people with profession’s dealing with aberrant abuse can become desensitized to these situations, which often result in horrific consequences. This is reinforced by Garners comment that doctors were “impressed in court by their lackluster quality. Their manner appeared limp,......

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...of special revelation that God has set in place i.e.; The Canons, to convey truth to us about every circumstance of life, shouldn’t it be tremendous priority for us both as individuals and in our Churches”, to read it, get wisdom from it and in all things get understanding from it Proverbs 4:5. PAGE 5 BIBLIOGRAPHY Towns, Elmer C. Theology for Today 2008, 2002 Cengage Learning Hastings, James Hastings Dictionary of The Bible Fifth printing March 2001 Elwell, Walter A. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology Second Edition 1984, 2001 by Baker House Company Gonzalez , Justo L. The Story of Christianity, Volume 1 The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation MLA”S 1. Valerio Fabbri and Michelangelo Tablet Pacifica Universita Della Sata Grace 2008 2. Who Gave us the New Testament by Fr A James Bernstein 3. Rankin, David. Tertullian and the Church. Cambridge University Press, 1995. 4. Henry Chadwick (1960). Faith and Order at the Council of Nicaea: a Note on the Background of the Sixth Canon. Harvard Theological Review, 53, pp 171-195. Doi:10.1017/S0017816000027000. 5. https/www.Biblegateway./New Testament/ KNJV NASB Copyright 1960-1995 by The Lockman Foundation New Testament KNIV 6. Bruce, Fredrick Fyvie, The Canon of Scripture Chapter House, 1988 7. Rivera, Ted F. The Heart of Love: Obeying God’s Two Great Commandments. Grand WORD COUNT 913 WORD COUNT 894 ...

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...Arlou Caesar Garcia Go 102 Ave. 110 St. Greenplains Subdivision, Tangub, 
 Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
 (034)7072803/09177016671 Objective Personal Information To be a renowned dynamic Marketing Officer and To enhance and share my ability in dealing with people, in order to be a part in meeting the goal of the company. TRAINEE, CHINABANK CORPORATION, BACOLOD CITY
 TRAINEE, HYUNDAI CEBU, MANDAUE CITY 2014 Name: Arlou Caesar Garcia Go Sex: Male Date of Birth: March 14, 1994 Age: 20 Mother’s Name: Maria Luisa Cabiles Garcia Go Father’s Name: Armando Valerio Go Nationality: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic Blood Type: O Spoken Languages: English, Filipino, Hiligaynon Civil Status: Single Work History Education TERTIARY
 BS MARKETING MANAGEMENT, UNIVERSITY OF ST. LA SALLE – BACOLOD, 2014 o o o Marketer’s Union Member, 2013 Commission on Election – Board of Election inspector, 2012 Lasallian Ambassador Member 2011 Attended Seminars in:
 Strategic Marketing Seminar, CCF Center Pasig, 2014
 USLS: Advertising Seminar 2014
 Marketer’s Union: Assertiveness Seminar 2014
 Berde Formation Camp 2011 : Back to Basics
 Synergy in Corporate Social Responsibility
 CSR Champions: Best Practices of Companies

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...still to insecure for any restriction to be allowable Despite this, as leaders of the plebs the Tribunes were naturally always looking to increase their authority in whichever way they could. With this point in mind one of the major events in the advancement of Tribune power and authority was the passing of the Valerio-Horation laws in 449BC. The reason why the passing of these laws were such a significant moment was because up till then, Tribune officials and institutions did not have the authority over the whole population. So when the leaders of the Plebs would hold a meeting in the tribal assemble, they would pass resolutions which were called ‘plebiscites’. Initially though these plebiscites were pretty weak, as they were only binding to part of the Roman population, and as a result these laws could only be turned into laws with approval from patrician senators. So it’s pretty obvious to see that at this point in time, that if the Tribunes were to submit laws to be passed that were to the detriment of the patricians, then there was not much chance the Patrician senators were going to vote this law into effect. But the passing of the Valerio Horation laws changed the political and social aspect of Roman Law, and in the process gave the Tribunes much greater power. It was very much a landmark moment, as now the consular law of appeal, which was basically having the right to appeal was restored, and plebiscites were given the force of law, which meant......

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