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External factors of the iphone 6 Martin Howland, Sabrina (insert), Jessica (Insert)

1. Social Factors> (A)Younger aged people want because because they want to stay updated (B)Iphone is very trendy (C)Bought as a status symbol Economic Factors>(A) Payment plans can be made so it is more affordable (B)When released, apple's stock hit an all time high $(102.50) (C) Apple has sales that are up 49 percent in the last 12 months Technological Factors> (A)Apple is known for being up to date with their products (B)Always innovating and advancing their iphones (C)Best screen and processor of the iphones Competitive Factors>(A) New and improved android operated phones are becoming a popular alternative (B)Older generations don’t need all the features of these new iphones (C)Other phone and tablet companies offer cheaper alternatives to apple's products Regulatory Factors> (A)Designed with features to reduce environmental impact (B) Antitrust law protects consumers from monopolies
2. ocial Factors
(A) Younger people of age wanting and buying the iphone 6 creates an opportunity for apple by allowing room to market to younger ages and take hold of the revenue from them.
(B) Iphones being trendy creates an opportunity for apple by allowing them to control a major section of that market. People always want what's trending so this creates a…...

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...research is based upon the study of “Victoria’s Secret” Brand, it describes the brand’s evolution and its product line. The research covers semiotic analysis of Victoria’s Secret in terms of the Brand Ambassador, Visual Promotion material like Print Media, Brand Logo and other Graphics used in its promotion. However, the research does not cover in depth study of: marketing strategies, history and its several Product lines. “Buy the product, get the girl; or buy the product to get to be like the girl so you can get your man” CONTENT TOPIC PAGE NUMBER OBJECTIVE………………………………………………………………………… SIGNIFICANCE………………………………………………………………….. LIMITATIONS…………………………………………………………………… 1. INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………. 2. …………………………………………………………………………………. 2.1 The history of Victoria secret……………………………………. 2.2.1 The origin…………………………………………………………………………………. 2.2.2 A brief timeline…………………………………………………………………………. 2.2 VICTORIA SECRET PRODUCTS……………………………………. 2.3 SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS 2.3.1 Ad campaign 1 2.3.2 Ad campaign 2 2.3.3 Ad campaign 3 2.3.4 Ad campaign 4 3. CONCLUSION AND SUMMARY……………………………………. OBJECTIVES: * Introduction to Victoria’s Secret * Evolution Of the Brand *......

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...Competency and Sustainable completive advantage……….page 5 7. Situation Analysis: SWOT, industry, competitors, company, customer… 5 - 8 8. Market-Product focus: objectives, targets, unique quality, packaging… 8 - 11 9. Price strategy……………… 12 10. Promotion Strategy……………… 12 11. Distribution Strategy……………… 13 12. Financial Data and projection……………… 13 13. Past sales revenue……………… 13 14. Five year projection…………………page 13 & 14 15. Organization……………… 14 16. Recommendations……………… 15 17. Implementation Plan……………… 15 & 16 18. Evaluation and control……………… 16 19. Conclusion……………… 16 & 17 Company Description Victoria’s Secret began in 1977 in San Francisco. It was started by a graduate student named Roy Raymond. He came up with the idea to create a specialty store because he wanted to buy lingerie for his wife but felt embarrassed to do this in a large department store that sold all kinds of products. Today the store generates about 390 million customers each year. The newest brand in the store called “Pink” is currently one of the highest selling brands and was started in 2007. Strategic Plan The company has many strategies for staying ahead of the competitors and for staying successful. They spend over $66 million a year in advertising alone. They advertise in newspapers, catalogues, online, and on television. They also have fashion......

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...embarrassed buying lingerie for his wife at department stores The name is based on Queen Victoria of England who had nine children and was believed to have worn sexy lingerie Raymond sold the company to L Brands in 1982 for $1 million and filed for bankruptcy after several failed start-ups. He jumped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge in 1993 $2 billion in sales, thanks in large part to its catalogue, models and focus on women, making lingerie not only functional but desirable 5 Organization: A Culture of Pink HQ in Columbus, OH Employees: 90,000 Wexner CEO for 50 years O L Brands CEO: Mr. Leslie Wexner E S MAST Global Logistics LLS Logistics Bath & Body Works CEO: Ms. Sharon Jester CEO: Mr. Nicholas Coe VS Pink CEO:Ms. Denise Landmn La Senza CEO: n/a Henri Bendel CEO: n/a VS. Stores CEO: Ms. Lori Greeley Brands with high emotional content Corp values: care for the customer, passion and diversity In transition due to recent spin-offs. Seeking permanent name/brand identity 6 VS. ecommerce CEO: Ms. Denise Landmn O Sales by Brand E S In $ billion 2009 5.3 2010 5.9 2011 6.1 2012 6.6 2013F 6.5 Brand Victoria's Secret/Pink Bath & Body Works Other Total 2.4 0.9 8.6 2.5 1.2 9.6 2.7 1.6 10.4 2.9 1.0 10.5 2.7 1.4 10.6 % of portfolio 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013F Victoria's Secret/Pink Other Bath & Body Works 7 O E S Environment: Intimate......

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...Extended Essay Part 1: Victoria Secret’s Story In mid-1970 Ray Raymond wanted to buy some underwear for his wife, but when he entered to the shop he felt deviant, and he discovered many men felt this way when they had to go to shop underwear for a women. This emotion was the one, which motivated Raymond to create a new store where men didn’t felt this way. That was when in 1977 his wife and him opened the first store at Palo Alto, California, United States with $80,000 of saving and loans from his family. The style of this store would be like Victorian era, that’s why the store was named “Victoria. The second part of the business name was “secret” because it would have a secret that no one would ever know. Victoria’s secret’s was starting to grow because of the revealing underwear they had because before women’s underwear aim was of practically and durability but not at 1970 women wanted more sensual underwear and Victoria’s Secret’s gave that. In 1982 Raymond had opened more stores in San Francisco and the annual sales had grow to 4 million, but although this Victoria’s Secret was near of bankrupt. That was when Leslie Wexner appears. That in 1963 opened a sportswear store called “limited” and within 1977 has 188 stores. In 1980’s she mas looking for new brands and that was when in San Francisco she found that small Victorian store called “Victoria’s Secret’s” that was a different lingerie store of what she normally saw “more sexier”. And she knew the reason why...

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...Silky Strategy of Victoria’s Secret Chelsea Chi Chang Alice Lin Charlene Mak BEM 106: Strategy Professor McAfee 28 May 2004 1 Victoria's Secret is a retail brand of lingerie and beauty products, owned and run by the Limited Brands company. Victoria’s Secret generates more than $4 billion in sales a year. It is the fastest growing subsidiary of Limited Brands and contributes 42% of corporate profits. More than 1000 Victoria's Secret retail stores are open in the United States. Products are also available through the catalogue and online business, Victoria's Secret Direct, with sales of approximately $870 million. Victoria’s Secret was established by Roy Raymond in the San Francisco area during the 1970s. Raymond saw an opportunity in taking “underwear” of the time and turning it into fashion. Products stood apart from the traditional white cotton pieces, which department stores offered, with colors, patterns and style that gave them more allure and sexiness. They combined European elegance and luxury. Even the name Victoria’s Secret was meant to conjure up images of 19th-century England. The store went so far as to list a fake London address for the company headquarters. Like Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret markets self-indulgence at an affordable price. By 1982, Raymond had opened six stores and launched a modest catalog operation. He then sold Victoria’s Secret to Limited Brands, which took Victoria’s and sprinted away. Today, Victoria’s Secret enjoys nearly a......

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...-- TIỂU LUẬN Môn: Marketing Lý Thuyết CHIẾN LƯỢC MARKETING-MIX NHÃN HÀNG VICTORIA’S SECRET   TRƯỜNG ĐẠI HỌC NGOẠI THƯƠNG CƠ SỞ II Chuyên ngành: Tài chính quốc tế -- TIỂU LUẬN Môn: Marketing Lý thuyết CHIẾN LƯỢC MARKETING-MIX NHÃN HÀNG VICTORIA’S SECRET   MỤC LỤC LỜI MỞ ĐẦU NỘI DUNG A. TỔNG HỢP NGHIÊN CỨU MÔI TRƯỜNG - THỊ TRƯỜNG: I. NGHIÊN CỨU MÔI TRƯỜNG: 1 II. NGHIÊN CỨU THỊ TRƯỜNG 3 1. NGHIÊN CỨU KHÁCH HÀNG: 3 2. PHÂN KHÚC THỊ TRƯỜNG: 3 3. LỰA CHỌN THỊ TRƯỜNG MỤC TIÊU: 4 B. CHIẾN LƯỢC MARKETING-MIX: I. CHIẾN LƯỢC SẢN PHẨM: 1. SẢN PHẨM: x4 2. CHIẾN LƯỢC LIÊN KẾT SẢN PHẨM – THỊ TRƯỜNG: 6 3. BAO BÌ SẢN PHẨM: 6 II. CHIẾN LƯỢC GIÁ: 1. CÁC YẾU TỐ ẢNH HƯỞNG: a. Mục tiêu: 7 b. Phí tổn: 8 2. CHIẾN LƯỢC ĐỊNH GIÁ: a. Định giá chiết khấu: 9 b. Định giá phân biệt: 10 III. CHIẾN LƯỢC PHÂN PHỐI: 1. CHIẾN LƯỢC PHÂN PHỐI: 10 2. PHƯƠNG THỨC PHÂN PHỐI VÀ KÊNH PHÂN PHỐI: 11 IV. CHIẾN LƯỢC XÚC TIẾN HỖ TRỢ KINH DOANH 1. CHIẾN LƯỢC XÚC TIẾN HỖ TRỢ KINH DOANH: 12 2. CÁC CÔNG CỤ THỰC HIỆN: 2.1. Quảng cáo: 12 a. Nhóm các phương tiện nghe nhìn: 13 b. Nhóm các phương tiện in ấn: 13 2.2. Quan hệ với công chúng (PR) 15 KẾT LUẬN PHỤ LỤC   LỜI MỞ ĐẦU 1. Lí do chọn đề tài Marketing là một khâu thiết yếu và tiêu tốn nhiều ngân sách trong một công ty, tuy nhiên, nó cũng mang lại rất nhiều hiệu quả cho công ty nếu như được thực hiện đúng đắn. Việt Nam là 1 quốc gia đang có nhiều phát triển vượt bậc, đời......

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Victoria Secret Brand Repositioning customers. In this write-up, I focus on the later purpose and analyze the benefit of Victoria Secret Company from repositioning their brand to attract the older customer segment and international markets. About Victoria’s Secret Victoria Secret is the leading specialty retailer of women’s intimate and other apparel with fashion-inspired collections, prestige fragrances and cosmetics, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows. It’s a segment under the mother company Limited Brands. The brand is targeted to the late-teen and college-age woman with Victoria’s Secret Pink and sexy product lines, such as Angels, Very Sexy and Body by Victoria. The company established brand associations of young, sexy and unique. 4Ps Product: Sexy, colorful and young design Price: Average, no premium Place: Pink decorated store chain, young and dreamy theme Promotion: Heavy traditional advertising on TV and prints. The company also held globally famous specialty fashion shows “Victoria’s Secret Show” annually with their exclusive models known as Angels. Customer base Victoria’s Secret’s targeted customers are young women at age of 16 to 40. The company has repositioned the brand in 2007 to appeal to younger customers who are college and young teen ladies with the sub-brand Pink . They started with separate special Pink stores but now already turned almost all Victoria’s Secret stores into the pink theme. The big gap is that the brand used to be older, more......

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...Action programs and Budgets: 15 VIII – Control: 19 I. General View 1. History: Victoria's Secret is an American retailer of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products that is owned and run by the Limited Brands Company. This company was founded in 1963 in Columbus, Ohio. Victoria's Secret was started in San Francisco, California, in 1977 by Roy Raymond who was Business alumnus of Tufts University and Stanford Graduate School. He felt embarrassed trying to purchase lingerie for his wife in a department store environment. He opened the first store at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, and quickly followed it with a mail-order catalog and three other stores. With this store he hoped that it could create a comfortable environment for men, with wood-paneled walls, Victorian details and helpful sales staff. Instead of racks of bras and panties in every size, there were single styles, paired together and mounted on the wall in frames. Men could browse for styles for women and sales staff would help estimate the appropriate size, pulling from inventory in the back rooms. In 1982, after five years of operation, Roy Raymond sold the Victoria's Secret Company, with its six stores and 42-page catalogue, grossing $6 million per year, to Leslie Wexner, creator of The Limited, for $4 million. The Limited kept the personalized image of Victoria's Secret intact. Victoria's Secret was rapidly expanded into the U.S. malls throughout the 1980s. The company was able to vend a......

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