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1.1 Origin of the Report:

In today's world only academic education does make a student perfect to become competitive with the corporate & Global business world. By doing an internship program, a student can get the opportunity to learn facing about real business world. Internship is highly needed to gain idea knowledge and experience. I am a BBA graduate from Privet University in Bangladesh. It has designed its curriculum of the BBA Program such a way that the international standard graduates will be produced. After completing my 132 Credit hours I Need to go for further professional experience through Internship program in a Business organization BASIC Bank Ltd. is a place where I have learned the business dealings. This organization has created a positive image to the customer's mind by providing better service specifically I am telling about the Shantinagar Branch. This branch has introduced an exclusive modern banking system that has got high market sharing and rating in the prominent business & banking avenue in Shantinagar Bank way.
As an BBA Internee Officer I have tried to maintain the place with the competitive business environment on official activities, culture, philosophy, norms & styles. It should be reflect the best at any field of my Professional life; The Manger is my overall Guide Philosopher & Superior. By receiving his all sorts of cordial support, I acquired idea about real business and corporate world.

1.2 Objectives of the Report:
Prime objects to a large-scale study on Banking System.

1.2.1 General objectives of the Report: The report specification based on the overall banking performance evaluation of BASIC Bank. * To acquaint me with the techniques, laws, principles and procedures adopted in Banking system of Bangladesh.

* To be familiar with day to day functioning and service offered by a…...

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