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Econ 160-Prof. Ravi Bhandari
The Socialist Alternative Faced with the great crisis of capitalism, Lebowitz cleverly provides thought-provoking ideas supported by historical proof to be able to pave a path for socialism excluding errors such as those that arose in the Soviet Union. With an effective framework that would tend towards re-inventing the manipulative economic system so that every individual is able to perform at full potential, true wealth can be gained. Lebowitz discusses the underlying necessity for change to profit with “real human development” with his “socialist triangle” alternative, constantly referring back to Marx to strengthen his argument. In a world where labor is important in producing products to satiate the different needs of those who can afford it, I love how wealth and upper class power is viewed by Marx and Lebowitz “as an alien world” that fixates the working class. But to be able to transition out of what the ruthless capitalist economy has placed the individual in, it is important to empower the people to act as Lebowitz mentions that “expanding the capabilities of people requires both mental and manual activity. The only method of producing fully developed human beings.” As a possible alternative to the capitalist movement, socialism in this perspective will expand the availability of resources and redefine the meaning of wealth for all because according to Lebowitz it is education, apathy and the lack of resources that stun the working class man. Once we are able to overcome that struggle, then we can move towards a “good society” practicing real human…...

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