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Vision Change Analysis Paper
I chose to do my change analysis paper on the Case Study from our text titled, “Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics. This company was formed in the early 1980s. Their main focus is designing a computer-aided engineering workstation product. As time has gone on this company has changed their vision. In the beginning it started out with “Build Something That People Will Buy (Palmer).” In the early 1980’s this vision was changed to “Beat Daisy (Palmer)”, due to the fact that this was a competitor that they were trying to beat out with sales. In 1985 they had accomplished this vision and needed to find a new one.
At this point they needed to find a new vision. They chose “Six Boxes (Palmer),” this was because that would represent the six different businesses that they wanted to become leaders in. In the late 1980’s one of the businesses that was included in the vision was no longer a part of Mentor Graphics. This vision however caused them to not be able to make the proper decisions that were needed. This is when they decided to change the vision yet again. This time it was changed to “ 10X Imperative ( Palmer).”
In 1989 yet another vision was decided upon. This one, “Changing the Way the World Designs Together (Palmer),” the problem with this vision was that it did not make since with what the company was doing at the time. As they realized that this vision was distracting from what the company was trying to do they chose yet another vision, “Our current short,-medium-, and long term vision is to build things people will buy (Palmer).” The problem with this vision is that it makes one feel that this is a company that is not really sure what they are doing and where they are heading. This is where a vision needs to be decided upon that represents what Mentor Graphics is trying to accomplish.
A clear vision is something that enables…...

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