What Leaded Me to My Future

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Freshman Orientation essay

Every day millions of people have many events that occur through their life. Many of these events could be either positive or negative. But the real question is, have these events played an important role in the decisions we make today ? The answer for me is yes. In this essay I will be discussing how the events in my life, made me to what I am today, and how It made me into becoming a successful student. Ever since I was a little girl, my grandfather has had severe heart problems. I remember seeing him in the hospital before his surgeries. After these surgeries I used to watch him and help take care of him at home, because he was in so much pain. I hated seeing him like this, and It made me wonder, "would I hate seeing anyone like this ? Around age twelve, I went to visit my grandparents for the summer, and I was outside with my grandfather one evening. Our neighbor stopped by my grandparents house to see me, since they knew I was up their to visit. She told my grandfather that I looked fairly sick and that I have lost a lot of weight. After a few days, I began feeling exhausted, irritated, thirsty, and frequent urination. My grandparents and mother took me to the hospital to get some blood work done because these symptoms were occurring for weeks. The results of the blood test returned, and they sent me off to a major hospital because they assumed I was diagnosed with diabetes. When I arrived to the hospital I remember being rushed into the ER because I almost passed out into a diabetic coma because my blood sugar was very high. A day later I woke up, and looked around and their were iv's all through my arm. I hated this feeling, and knew this was a disease that I was going to have for the rest of my life. But the nurses I had were awesome. They helped me look past all the negativeness around me and…...

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...little assistance to get me started with my education. Without a doubt, college preparation is new to me. So, there is a lot that I will have to learn. If I receive this $1,000 scholarship, it will be of immense help to me. I could use it towards my books for my classes and towards tuition. It would relieve some of the stress knowing I have gratefully been given $1,000 that is not coming out of my parent’s pockets. At a young age, I have always had a passion for animals. All I ever dreamed of was having a puppy to grow up with. By the time I reached high school, I had two English Springer Spaniels named Shayla and Shiloh. When I was younger, my mind was set on going to Auburn University to become a veterinarian because it was the only school I ever heard of. For as long as I could remember, that was all I inspired to be. But, as I got older, I realized I also loved being in the presence of kids. My career goal automatically changed into wanting to become a teacher. I had the desire to want to be an inspiration to the kids in my community and to be a factor for why they are successful in life. It would touch my heart if one of my students ever looked up to me and said “because of you, I didn’t give up”. Those are the moments that I would long for. The greatest gift of all will be watching my students thrive. By the time my sophomore year rolled around, I became more intrigued with kids. So, I decided to go into the Early Childhood Program that my school had to offer. I......

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