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What Team Leaders Need to Know Article Critique
Caminiti, S., & Sookdeo, R. (1995). What Team Leaders Need to Know. Fortune, 131(3), 93-100.

The author states that leadership behaviors can be learned. Further, the author uses personal experiences of others to clarify this point. Moreover, these skills needed to become an effective leader can be developed overtime through experiences. More importantly, they note that there are six things every leader needs to know. Successful leaders emerge over time by learning the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective leader.

The authors share with readers six things all leaders must know. Further, he states that the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective leader can be learned. The article stated that companies expect managers to transform overnight into effective team leaders. But companies fail to realize that becoming an effective leader is a difficult process. These skills that leaders need are developed through experiences. One thing noted by the authors is that leaders who lack technical skills doesn’t make them an ineffective leader. Additionally, a team leader is not expected to have the technical expertise other team members possess to be a good leader. The job of the leader is to make sure they have the necessary tools and skills needed in order to accomplish the task successfully. Another key point they make is a team leader must know when to step in and make the right decisions. A team leader has to be flexible, because no two situations are alike. Lastly, they state that leaders will learn more by doing the actual job of a leader. Moreover, leadership traits will develop overtime, one has to be patient.

In my opinion, I believe that the process of becoming a leader is hard thing to do, but one could learn to become an effective leader. Further, learning to…...

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