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What Makes Me A HBCU ALL-STAR?
I consider myself to be an HBCU ALL-STAR because I possess the personal characteristic needed to push forward in spite of circumstances that may try to push me backwards. What is an ALL-STAR? I would define an ALL-STAR as an individual who succeeds when it appears that failure is the only option; refuses to take no as the only answer when there is always the possibilities for yes; and who understands that being successful alone is never acceptable because it is with others that one truly obtains success. There are six characteristics that I possess that make me an HBCU ALL-STAR and if others possess these characteristics as well, they can also be ALL-STARS. In this statement I will share with you my strengths because of the characteristics of passion, ability to persuade, concern/care, empowering, fearlessness and confidence.
Although passion is often defined as the feeling one has for another, it is also a driving force in making dreams come true. When you have passion for something you live it. When you have passion for something you breathe it. When you have passion for something you get up with it on your mind and go to sleep with it on your mind. Passion is a strong desire, embedded in your inner-being that drives you to keep on task as your mission unfolds. Passion is what makes me an HBCU ALL-STAR.
The power of persuasion, the ability to convince people that what you are saying is true with credibility and integrity is essential in being an ALL-STAR. Individuals who have the power of persuasion have proven to be individuals who can motivate team members and others to move in a particular direction. This characteristic is a great one as long as the individual who possesses it is one who does not use it for personal gain, but the good of the whole. I have the power of persuasion but I know it is powerless if I only use…...

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