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David McClurg
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November 2
Anthropology 104
The Crania Project The skulls describe in this project numbered 6.
This skull according to the display case located in Fanner Hall contained the following pieces of information.
From these and the other pieces of information that took the form of laminated card over the skulls, I was able to determined by looking at the skulls and cross-referring what I have learned have allowed me to conclude what the genus and species is. The first of these skulls I could identify is cranium F. The skull was of dull brown color form the jaw was a white tooth. The card above the skull indicated it was “discovered in modern day France.” Also continued “Upper Paleolithic stone tools upwards of 30,000 years old. The card also said that the chin had no retro molar space. I have identified this skull as Homo sapiens. I identified that the skull had a large brain case it was larger then most of the skull in the case. It also had smaller teeth then the other skulls. Where the skin may have once stretched across that face this frontal part of the skull lacked the prominent brow ridges and other protrusion and curves that the other skull had. This indicated to also the presences of a high fore head in so far that the fore head was future away for the skull then the others. These features lead me to conclude that this skull was that of Homo sapiens.

The next skull I could identify was cranium F. This skull according to the card was “found in East Africa”. “Dates from 2.2 million years ago to 1.3 million years ago.” Thick enamel”, “diet most likely included seed, tubers, roots. “Small brain size (530 cardinal capacity).” I identified this skull with Australopithecus Africans.
This skull seemed to have teeth more like the Homo sapiens skull. This skull was rounded on the top with what looked to be a projecting face away…...

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