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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer scelerisque dignissim massa, rutrum viverra eros laoreet eget. Pellentesque porta ultrices sollicitudin. Curabitur dui nisl, pretium vitae congue sit amet, placerat at eros. In ac erat elit. Sed ac vulputate massa. Phasellus fringilla fermentum velit ac auctor. Suspendisse dui purus, pulvinar non dictum ut, elementum eu dui. Nam ipsum est, scelerisque at auctor quis, imperdiet vel sem.

Integer quam risus, congue nec fermentum vitae, tincidunt nec nunc. Vivamus dapibus augue sit amet risus ultricies ut dignissim arcu bibendum. Aliquam auctor vulputate justo nec pharetra. Etiam dui tellus, dignissim a placerat a, varius vel quam. Sed sit amet orci libero, eget bibendum orci. Cras accumsan urna vel risus dictum ac lobortis tortor gravida. Aenean fringilla placerat neque, sit amet ultricies odio malesuada sit amet. Nullam et felis est. Fusce semper molestie arcu et mollis. Etiam dictum pharetra enim a lacinia. Aenean ut hendrerit tellus. Praesent sodales convallis fermentum. Morbi aliquet tempus erat quis semper. In et urna non purus faucibus hendrerit. Aliquam varius sodales pellentesque. Mauris ultrices porttitor est ut consectetur.

Curabitur varius mauris nec sem rhoncus non tristique odio convallis. Integer fermentum, erat sed congue dignissim, neque ipsum facilisis risus, eget pretium nibh nisi a quam. Aenean blandit fringilla metus eu pulvinar. Maecenas eu porta erat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed iaculis, libero sit amet gravida laoreet, dui nunc cursus nisi, id ullamcorper metus eros et neque. Morbi non lectus vitae mauris commodo fringilla.

Sed tristique fringilla bibendum. Vivamus vitae velit id elit posuere sollicitudin. Suspendisse ac purus eget velit mattis tempus. Curabitur pharetra, magna sit amet porta scelerisque, sapien nibh rhoncus nunc, quis…...

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...I remember it like it was yesterday. The squeaky white floors, and how I had to stand on my “tippy toes” to see through the glass. In that room on the other side of the glass was what felt like hundreds of babies, new babies that had only been in this world for a so short of a time. I knew I wanted to be one of the “angels” caring for them. My sister was a preemie, born 9 weeks early, so the family spent a lot of time in the hospital with her. In the following weeks and months, I witnessed nurses staying not only at this tiny infant's side, but the family's also as she was hooked up to yet another tube. These nurses went above their required duties and cared for my sister and family not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. The nurses, far more than any doctor, were our support system. I, at that young age, would ask them my questions about what was to happen, and with patience and knowledge, they answered me with such care. Being such an intimate witness to the struggle of life and death left me with a deep sense of human fragility. I realized that the human body is so very intricate and beautiful in its complex delicacy. Witnessing a nurse's holistic role for the patient embedded deeper in me that I had a calling to serve others in the medical field, specifically in the field of children. Ecclesiastes 3:1 states that every endeavor man can undertake has its own time and meaning. Looking back on my own life, I see various experiences and opportunities of growth......

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...Modeling Culture in Trade: Uncertainty Avoidance* Gert Jan Hofstede Wageningen University gertjan.hofstede@wur.nl Catholijn M. Jonker Delft University of Technology c.m.jonker@tudelft.nl Tim Verwaart LEI Wageningen UR tim.verwaart@wur.nl Keywords: trade, culture, agents, uncertainty avoidance, negotiation Abstract A model is presented of the way that our cultural attitude towards the unknown influences the decisions we make in trade. Uncertainty avoidance is one of Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions. The paper presents a model of how this dimension affects trade. This influence has been explicated for the decisions regarding trade: partner selection, negotiation behavior, trust, and the interpretation of the trade partner’s behavior. It has been verified in simulations showing that the generic tendencies as attributed to uncertainty avoidance are reflected in the simulation results. Our approach is an example of instantiating generic knowledge on the influences of culture on decision-making in general. INTRODUCTION The international food economy is rapidly changing. Important issues are concentration and globalization, growing information intensity, consumer demands, and social responsibility [Kinsey 2001]. An important issue in current food trade research is the emergence and performance of international supply chain networks [Lazzarini et al. 2001]. Agent-based modeling extends the understanding of processes in society and economy. It enables simulation of the......

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...Submission ID: 279b3918-e232-4704-b1e1-4af87b06cd7c | | Why is a college education important to me?  Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Today, in the era that we live in, the role of education in our lives has become even more prominent as science and technology are rapidly developing. In fact, people's lives are dependent on education as it provides them with the necessary skills to survive and adapt to today's ever-changing world. A college education is something that I have personally wanted for a long time. None of my family members had the opportunity to go to college, simply because they could not afford it. I am blessed enough to have many years of professional work experience, but sadly without a college degree I feel that my resume is missing a vital and key element to further my career.  When I was in high school, I often questioned the importance of a college education. I felt that if I just passed my classes, I would be fine. My parents never went to college, so I never felt the pressure or need for an academic degree. I was wrong. In this economic climate, I have learned that having a college education is vital to your career. Adding a college education to my resume will benefit me throughout the rest of my life - personally, professionally and socially. It will open many doors and allow me to explore a myriad of options. Combined with my professional work experience, a......

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...share. This scenario requires a low investment, but the growth is very slow. The Dogs method is the situation where the growth is low and the market share is low, this is one of the worst situations. In this situation if the products are not delivering the cash then it is best to liquidate. The last part of the cycle is the Question mark which is high market growth but low shares. In this situation there is a high demand but low returns. It is best to try and increase market share or get it to deliver cash. The limitation of this business theory is that it only works with high market share and this is not the only meter for success. Also there are many situations in business where the Dogs can out earn the Cash Cows. The BCG grid may provide a the basis for a business development strategy for large business but what about the small business? It is possible to have a high market share and not have increased profits, or have a low market share and still be profitable. BCG Analysis is a great stepping stone for market research and has great possibilities, but for today's companies it may need to be tweaked just a little. This business model is a pretty decent model and if used in the right situation it can help a business to increase and monitor its market share and growth. All business big or small should have some type of a business plan or model that they can base their business products on and by keeping an eye on the market and watching what consumers want......

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...relationship with clients. * Period of work: From 1st November, 2013 to 31st March, 2014 * Company: Justdial Limited * Designation: Marketing Executive * Responsibility: Giving presentation about Justdial and convince the clients to enter into a one year contract with Justdial Limited to promote one’s business and generate revenue for the company in this way. * Period of work: 9th June, 2014 to 10th August, 2014 Summer Project Details: * Company: ITC Ltd. * Position: Sales Trainee * Location: Dum Dum, Barrackpore sub-division, Kolkata * Period of work: From 4th July, 2011 to 17th August, 2011 * Learning: Learnt how Brand Merchandising (availability, visibility and Freshness) of a product help to sell more. ‘Sales’ is a part of marketing. Global Exposure: * Executive Education from, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore * Global Program in Management from The Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, United States of America Learning: Learnt various ways of doing Business through Case Studies of a few well known companies. I have learnt not only through their success stories but also from their failures that what we should not do. Industry Visited: NEWater, Singapore Visited: July, 2010 Observation: A Singapore success story and the pillar of Singapore’s water sustainability, Newater is high-grade reclaimed water produced from treated used water that is further......

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...of image they want to imprint on their students. Growing up I have had many teachers, some have left good and bad experiences in my life that has ultimately brought me to where I am today. “John Dewey was possibly the most influential educator of the twentieth century and probably the most controversial one”(Sadker &Zittleman 2010). I believe in being a progressive teacher in that I want to see my students at any skill level continue to improve. As a progressive teacher I will have 3 main goals: to inspire, grow and groom individuality into each student under my care in the classroom. I will a teacher whose image will never be forgotten and whose tenacity for education is never questioned. I believe that, if possible, every child no matter the age or ethnic background should be treated as an Individual in the classroom. In my own personal experiences being a student I have seen how even in a college setting the connection a teacher or professor can have with a student one on one is much more satisfying than a teacher who just teaches a class. Education, according to John Dewey, is the “participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the race” (Dewey, 1897). As such, education should take into account that the student is a social being. The process begins at birth with the child unconsciously gaining knowledge and gradually developing their knowledge to share and partake in society. Furthermore, in my educative journey with my students I want them to be......

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...heroine. Drugs are here to stay and its never going to go away because as the saying goes when you chop the head off of one dealer two more grow. Drugs are a big business and as long as greed exists there is always going to be a plethora of people trying to push this into countries, especially America, it is at this moment perhaps the largest consumer of drugs on earth. Therefore it is absolutely critical that the law enforcement of the United States stay one step ahead of this growing enterprise in order to mitigate the dangerous effects that is has on society such as addiction, murder, and prostitution to name a few. Among the many agencies tasked with the responsibility of combating this threat is the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency or (DEA). Most people are familiar with this organization by popular television shows such as “Cocaine Cowboys”, but these programs although entertaining do not do justice as to what the agency is all about. Therefore the purpose of this paper is to shed more light on this agency pertaining to its origins, missions, and activities. In addition I will also provide my reasons as to why I want to join this agency, the qualifications, and what I have done so far to prepare myself for this endeavor. In order to discover the origins of the DEA one must first comb through its history. Before the DEA existed, in the 1915’s there were a number of agencies tasked with combating the drug problem. As time went on though in the early 1960’s......

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...CHAPTER SIX Coordinate Geometry Coordinate geometry is geometry done in the number plane, using algebra. • Points are represented by pairs of numbers, and lines by linear equations. • Circles, parabolas and other curves are represented by non-linear equations. Points, lines and intervals are the main topics of this chapter. 6 A Lengths and Midpoints of Intervals An interval is completely determined by its two endpoints. There are simple formulae for the length of an interval and for the midpoint of an interval. The Distance Formula: The formula for the length of an inter- y val P Q is just Pythagoras’ theorem in different notation. Let P (x1 , y1 ) and Q(x2 , y2 ) be two points in the plane. Construct the right-angled triangle P QA, where A(x2 , y1 ) lies level with P and vertically above or below Q. Then P A = |x2 − x1 | and QA = |y2 − y1 |, and so by Pythagoras’ theorem in P QA, Q(x2,y2) y2 y1 P(x1,y1) x1 A x2 x P Q2 = (x2 − x1 )2 + (y2 − y1 )2 . DISTANCE FORMULA: Let P (x1 , y1 ) and Q(x2 , y2 ) be two points in the plane. Then 1 P Q2 = (x2 − x1 )2 + (y2 − y1 )2 . • First find the square P Q2 of the distance. • Then take the square root to find the distance P Q. WORKED EXERCISE: Find the lengths of the sides AB and AC of the triangle with vertices A(1, −2), B(−4, 2), and C(5, −7), and hence show that ABC is isosceles. SOLUTION: First, AB 2 = (x2 − x1 )2 + (y2 − y1 )2 2 so = − 4 − 1 + 2 − (−2) = (−5)2 +...

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...Module 1 Lab Report For this module, I have chosen the movie Taken to analyze. In it, Bryan Mills’ teenage daughter, Kim, travels to Paris with a friend to follow a band on tour. Shortly after arriving, the two share a taxi with a stranger who works in a human trafficking ring. The two are profiled and abducted soon after, but Kim is on the phone with her father at the time of the abduction. Using very limited clues and training as an ex-CIA operative, he tracks down these men all over Europe and rescues his daughter. This modern-day myth shares a very powerful cultural truth-value that we can see in ancient myths such as The Iliad and The Odyssey. The characters in these stories are driven by a strong love for somebody else and will do anything for those they love. This is true in society today, as we would do anything for those we love. In Taken, we only see this portrayed in one character. In these other myths, however, we see a multitude of heroes perform grand acts for those they love. In The Iliad, Menelaus brings together the Achaean armies to attack and conquer the mighty city of Troy for one reason: Love. His beloved wife, Helen, had been taken away by Paris of Troy to be his wife. In an effort to save his wife, he traveled across dangerous land and oceans to Troy where the Greeks fought in a war for 10 years. If not for love, a 10 year war because of a single man’s desire would seem absolutely absurd. However, we all can sympathize with Menelaus because we......

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...BSC 1020 - Biology of Humans EXAM 1 Study Guide Exam Instructions • Exam 1 is scheduled for Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 11:00am-12:15pm • It will be held on the Tampa campus, in CW Bill Young Hall (CWY), which is located on USF Maple Dr., across from the Social Science bldg. (SOC), and north of the gym/rec center (REC). Campus maps can be found at: http://www.usf.edu/administrative-services/parking/maps/index.aspx o Because there are 316 students, we’ll split the class between two adjacent rooms: If you last name begins with A ‒ J, go to CWY 107 ▪ If you last name begins with K ‒ Z, go to CWY 109 ▪ • If you cannot come to the Tampa campus that day, it is your responsibility to arrange for an alternate site. Refer to the syllabus for more details. • Please bring your student ID and a pencil. Scantron sheets will be provided. • The exam covers Chapters 1 to 7, Units A‒D. Roughly the same number of questions will come from each chapter. • It will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions, including approximately 10 True/False. Study Recommendations: • Re-read each chapter ahead of time, study the PowerPoint slides • Do the online practice quizzes and activities. Better yet, do them a couple of times. Some of the exam questions may be the same or very similar. • Take the quizzes found at the end of each chapter in the textbook Study Material: To help you focus your studies as much as possible, I’ve......

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...Corban will turn his head to the right side and sustain it their for brief periods of time during play and mealtime. | |Dear Primary Care Physician: The child identified above is eligible for AzEIP and the AzEIP Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Team is recommending the | |EPSDT services identified below. Please review the documentation, indicate whether each requested service is medically necessary by checking “yes” in shaded box| |next to each service and return to the health plan MCH coordinator who will coordinate prior authorization for the services you deem medically necessary. If you| |feel the services are not medically necessary, or the child should not receive these services at this time, please explain below: | |      | |PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN’S SIGNATURE |DATE | | |      | |To be completed by the AzEIP Service Coordinator: |Completed by PCP |Completed by | | ......

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