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Why is becoming an entrepreneur a growing trend in today’s job market?
Robert L. Patton Jr.
EBM587 Strategic Business Marketing
April 8, 2012

Introduction Why is becoming an entrepreneur a growing trend in today’s job market? Answering the aforementioned question is the purpose of this paper, and the premise of the research thus conducted. In order to answer and address this issue, it is first necessary to examine different aspects of entrepreneurship, as well as, current market conditions, which make this alternative an attractive choice for so many business professionals.
I have often thought about the vest means of achieving success. Success can be measured in many different fashions. There is career success, success in academics, competition, and self-actualization. For the scope of this research paper, I will limit the definition of success as being measured by financial freedom and independence. As both a student and working professional, I have a strong belief and desire to perform to my highest potential, both in the classroom and in the office. Ultimately, like many others, the purpose of my efforts is to achieve this financial freedom and independence from an employer.
The traditional means of achieving success, I have followed and been an active participant. These means include joining the military at a young age, graduating from college, and pursuing a professional career. Although I am pleased by the results of my efforts and endeavors, my journey is not complete. I am in pursuit of a Master’s Degree at Stratford University to enhance my knowledge, and expand my potential. Education is both important and essential to one’s own personal development. Not ever to be dismissed as an exercise in futility, academic pursuits can add to a student’s experience, develop skills in communication, teamwork, and listening. Being a…...

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