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Introduction of 5kw pitch controlled wind turbine
5kw pitch controlled wind turbine. The self-developed centrifugal pitch controlled mechanism of Wind turbine adjusts blade pitch following wind rotor rotating speed, and keep wind turbine at rated rotating speed. The wind turbine has a stable output power and safe running and is maintenance free. Wind rotor never goes to over speed even encounter to variable wind speed and strong gale.
1. 30% more electricity generated
2. Pitch controlled
3. Aerodynamic brake
4. Maintenance free
5. Low start-up wind speed

Pitch controlled element
Rotating speed change of wind rotor drives the centrifugal pitch control mechanism to adjust blade pitch; wind pressure on wind rotor will reduce, and then wind turbine rotating speed slow down. Close loop control, reliable regulation. Pitch control mechanism is sensitive, reliable, and can be used in variable environments. Wind turbine start up: keep a big blade pitch, start up with 2m/s wind speed; Wind turbine start to run: reduce blade pitch step by step, better for speedup; 4-12m/s wind speed: regulate the optimum blade pitch to keep the max output power of wind turbine; Encountering to strong wind: adjust blade pitch into negative angle to keep rotating speed within limits; Manual stop: operate manual winch to adjust blade pitch into negative angle, blade will lose it aerodynamics, start mechanical brake to stop wind turbine.

Technical parameter Wind rotor Diameter (m) | 5.2 | Working Voltage (V) | DC120V/DC240VAC240 | Material and number of the blade | Reinforced fiber glass*3 | Battery voltage (V) /Capacity (Ah) | 120V/200Ah240V/100Ah | Rated power / max power (w) | 5k/6k | Speed regulation method | Pitch controlled + yawing + electromagnet brake | Rated wind…...

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