Women Leaders Overlooked

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Women Leaders, Overlooked

Many of the challenges that women face in the workplace are the same as those for men. These challenges include work/life balance, parenting, juggling many responsibilities and multi-tasking. Challenges specific to women continue to be a wage gap.

Women have always faced many obstacles and barriers to gain entry in the corporate world when attempting to progress their careers. Some barriers that women will encounter at all levels are prejudice and resistance to women’s leadership. Other factors that keep women from getting leadership roles within an organization are their ethnicity, race and age.

Women are in many managerial positions and deserve the same opportunities as men, but women are constantly overlooked simply because of their gender. Women are still not getting the leadership positions they deserve because many feel that women lack skills and are not deemed worthy of leadership roles.

Even in the twentieth century women are not treated the same when it comes to leadership positions within an organization. Women are constantly underrepresented in top corporate leadership positions around the world, although they have proven time and time again that they have industry knowledge and superior leadership abilities.

Although the ceiling has been shattered, women in powerful roles are still very rare. For the women that have broken the barrier and are in top leadership positions within their organizations, they appear to have high self-efficacy and masculine traits. Often times when women make it to the top management level, many feel like outsiders. I believe it is due to the fact that although women have broken into and continue to break into various fields, these fields are still very male dominated. Therefore, they are the only female at that level and are surrounded by males.

Even though women sometimes struggle…...

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