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Ethn: Themes In American Culture
Chapter 3:
The faces of American Schools
-School counsels in low income schools have fewer counselors ( E.g California per 800 students
-School Librarians one for every 5,123 students
-School psychologists one for every 1,383 students in 2007
-Social workers one for every 18,
Three reason s why children do not participant in preschool programs
- Fewer programs are located in their neighborhood
-Many of parents are concerned that traditional values are not being taught in preschool
-Students are not being taught in their primary language in preschool
-Other reasons- if they aren't available , affordable and culturally sensitive than they aren't sending their children to preschool.
How latinos students are tracked
-In first grade, are typically grouped for reading instruction
-Boundaries are formed early on by these group
- High achieving groups really have behavior problems but rather have engaged students
-confirms that the earlier you are assigned to groups in tracked.
Inadequate School Funding
-All have high latino populations all have low pre student spending in their k-12 schools
-How school funding affects student achievement
-Peer conditions
The digital divide
-Latino student shave less access to the internet than do white students
-Latino student are more likely to use technology for games and entertainment than for educational purpose.
-Latino students are less like to have parents help them navigate a computer.
-Students who have computers at home are more likely to succeed in school.
The Affects of Curriculum Tracking
-Many Latinos attend schools within a school where they are tracked into lower curriculum tracks programs that do not prepare then for higher education
-Cannot always blame the parents or the schools but should blame city/state/ federal govt , for their inequitable…...

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