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Best Bodies.

Focus Area: To improve definition in upper body including; chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Also going to improve on abs and build up back muscles. Still doing cardio for 30 mins before your workout.
ALWAYS go up in weight every other week
Duration: 8-12 weeks depending on muscle growth.

Day 1: chest triceps Day 2 : Back, biceps abs Day 3: rest day Day 4: shoulders abs Day 5: chest triceps Day 6: rest Day 7: back biceps abs

4 Sets 12 reps of each
Day 1: Chest and Triceps
Bench press
Vertical bench press
Decline Bench press
Chest fly on machine
Chest press on machine

Rope cable pull downs
Cable pulls over head
Bench dips (2 straight benches parallel from each other, hold yourself up body suspended lower butt as low as you can then back up. For more weight, put a plate in your lap)
Triceps machine
Normal dips using body weight

Day 2 : Back biceps abs
Cable rows
Lat pull downs
Seated flys
One arm vertical rows ( get a straight bench and a dumbbell, position body on bench with one knee and same side arm fully extended, place other foot on ground slightly behind knee to balance. Hold weight in hand suspended onver ground and pull weight vertical up then back down. Then switch)
Pull up wide grip palms forward
Row machine if gym has one
Barbell curls
Dumbbell curls
Cable curls
Push ups 4x20
Preacher curls on machine or using bench

Abs: work abs till they hurt and burn and that’s one set, still 4 sets
Flutter kicks
Full body crunch
Leg raises laying down or suspended vertical to the ground, bring toes to head
Ab twist
Deep crunch, normal crunch at the top of the crunch tighten everything has hard as you can
Plank for one minute

Day 3: rest day
Day 4: shoulders and abs
Arnold press
Shoulder press machine

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...our guides, so please don’t hesitate to send in your transformation photos and testimonials to You can also contact us via Twitter, Facebook and Email at any point for advice or to share your results at any point- we endeavour to reply as soon as possible. Stay consistent, eat well and train to your fullest, and we are confident you will make noticeable progress towards the physique you desire. Good luck, all the best and we look forwards to helping you transform over the next 18 weeks and beyond! Lloyd, Max, James & Tom. 05 w w w. L D N M u s c l e .c o m cutting guide v3 Contents training programme supplements & discounts h e a lt h & w e l l- b e i n g tracking your progress nutrition WORKOUTS W H AT N E X T ? glossary 06 w w w. L D N M u s c l e .c o m 07 18 26 37 43 68 118 122 cutting guide v3 Training programme Cutting isn’t about excessive cardio, feeling lethargic and faint and entering a frightening calorie deficit. The Cutting Guide V3 training programme is specifically designed to ensure your cut is both healthy and sustainable. Our multi-phased training programme ensures that you reach your aesthetic potential without risking a premature plateau or worse still, regression. 07 w w w. L D N M u s c l e .c o m cutting guide v3 08 w w w. L D N M u s c l e .c o......

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