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World issues today are very frightening and disheartening to my generation. Issues such as terrorism, climate change, global economic collapse, overpopulation, poverty, and many more, paint a very bleak portrait for the future of my generation. World health care and the lack thereof, is the issue that I would like to bring to your attention in this essay. The World Health Organization has identified eleven of the top global health priorities which included malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/Aids, cancer, cardiovascular disease along with diabetes, and healthcare systems. Over 30 % of deaths worldwide are caused by malnourishment, adverse consequences of unsafe sex, high blood pressure, tobacco and alcohol use, and obesity.
As you can gather just by reading the last paragraph, the issues and challenges of healthcare exist both domestically and worldwide. Across the world, the medical profession will redefine its role as caregivers and global leaders. There are many reasons why I have set my educational pursuits towards the field of medicine. The newly defined roles of graduating nurses like myself will be influenced by medical and ethical issues caused by problems which affect everyone, regardless of national identity such as natural disasters, pollution, war, and other issues.
It is widely agreed that education is the most effective means that society possesses for confronting the challenges of the future. Indeed, education, like the one I am receiving at Davidson County Community College, will shape the world of tomorrow. Progress in today’s world increasingly depends upon the products of educated minds. Education serves society in a variety of ways. The goal of education is to make people wiser, more knowledgeable, better informed, ethical, and responsible.
I will continue to strive to reach my goal of becoming a nurse and to advance the medical…...

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