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Kayla D. Cloud


May 31, 2013

Dr. Frank Czarney


According to David Ingram, 2013 Hearst Communications an Organizational Plan commits those who run businesses and are employed by a business to abide by certain actions to ensure the future of the organization. This is called means- ends chain.

Listed below are the types of plans that most organizations use.

An operational plan is one that a manager uses to accomplish his or her job responsibilities.

A tactical plan is concerned with what the lower level units within each division must do, how they must do it, and who is in charge at each level.

A strategic plan is an outline of steps designed with the goals of the entire organization as a whole in mind, rather than with the goals of specific divisions or departments. Strategic planning begins with an organization's mission.

Contingency planning involves identifying alternative courses of action that can be implemented if and when the original plan proves inadequate because of changing circumstances.

The above information was copied from:rihttp://smallbusiness.chron.com/examples-organizational-planning-13836.html

As far as in my home, I would say that I use a combination of all the plans depending on which activity or task is being carried out. I do not work at the moment so the only thing I can compare it to is my home life.


Ingram, David - Houston Chronicle, PO Box 4260 Houston, Texas 77210-4260, Copyright 2013 Hearst Communications,…...

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