You Can't Touch Me

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You can’t touch me
Ian Goade is a primary school teacher, who teaches six graders. A boy from fifth grade, Campbell Foster, is making it hard for Ian to do his job completely prober. Campbell is the typical bully, whom the whole school is very much aware of; also Ian. Campbell one day kicks a younger boy, which Ian sees and confronts Campbell. Campbell knows his ways of fighting and exactly which buttons to push, which in this case made Ian lose his temper. Ian takes Campbell by the ear and drags him to the office. Mrs Baynes, the headmistress of the school, quickly tells Ian to leave Campbell to her. Mrs Baynes is very fast at taking Campbell’s defense, and never listens to Ian side of the story. Campbell’s mother also hears about the episode and, thereby, makes an official complaint to the governors. Now it is up to the governors to decide whether Ian is going to continue teaching.

Ian is a little touchy when it comes to the fact, that he is a primary teacher. He believes, that he hasn’t done enough of what he’s actually capable of. He finds himself to intelligent for his job. In Ian’s opinion boys like Campbell just needs a good male role model. Even though he says that “not because I’m a better teacher than my colleagues…”, that is actually how he really files. If he just had had the opportunity to have Campbell, he could’ve easily knocked him into shape.
Ian defiantly doesn’t like bullying. Neither does he like conflicts involving children; that reminds him of his own father. However, maybe his is not far from looking a little like his father. As said before, Campbell knows what buttons to push, which this time made Ian lose temper of the amount of irritation. Instead, Ian should have been the adult and ignored the provocations. Campbell clearly has done something wrong, but Ian never has the right to pull Campbell by the ear like…...

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