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Case Abstract
1) Identification
a) Facilities: Inner-City Paint Corporation is controlled under one building. An issue arises with the condition, location and size of the building. The building is 45 years old and in disrepair. If this one building collapses for any reason all products, equipment and customer files are destroyed. The building is located on the south side of Chicago. Crimes happen all the time in this area, anything or anyone could easily destroy or steel this company’s property. No room for management expansion in the 850 square foot office space.
b) Management: Stanley Walsh is inexperienced when it comes to management. Mr. Walsh opens all mail, approves all payments, and inspects all customers billing. He is a part of every aspect to this business. If something were to happen to him there might be a problem. In the office, only two part-time clerks and Mary Walsh (Walsh’s mother) record all the processes. There aren’t any true management positions. The plant is managed by a man in his twenties with little to no experience. He might not know the right protocols for maintain safety or health concerns.(Why it’s an issue).
c) Financial Structure: The company doesn’t have any financial objectives or no goals. The balance sheet implies a large amount of income and expense accounts. Inner-City has a poor repayment plan which doesn’t hold accountability. inquires when payment is made isn’t a good solution for this business. A poor repayment plan. Negative cash flow. Stanley Walsh did not use financial and operational controls—lack of clear planning
d) Inventory: Inner-City Paint Corporation has no real form of inventory control. The company may run out of stock of an important item without inventory control. Paper inventory control is dysfunctional for any business as its not a good clear record of a business
2) Recommendations
a) Facilities-…...

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